Experts Say Adding Stair Workouts To Your Routine Will Show Serious Results

One of the best ways to not only lose weight but also sculpt your body is to climb stairs.

People tend to use the treadmill or elliptical machine for cardio, but those two machines are not doing the body as much good as one might think. It turns out that climbing steps can provide a pivotal form of exercise for losing weight.

One trainer opened up to PopSugar regarding the importance of adding septs to a daily workout routine and no not walking steps. Climbing steps does more for the body than sculpt the butt and legs, although those alone are great benefits. According to Chris Kelly, a NASM-certified personal trainer, each exercise will help a person lose weight.

Kelly explained that the key to successful weight loss by climbing stairs is to ensure there is a higher load or resistance placed on the body. What that means is it may be OK to start by using body weight but once a person is in a routine more weight should be added because over time it will create an increase in fitness and weight-loss.

The other thing to remember besides weight is the amount of time put into the exercise. It is recommended that people do 150 minutes of moderate-intense workouts or 75 minutes of rigorous workouts per week.

Therefore, the other workouts being done during the week will determine how hard a person needs to push when climbing stairs. The amount of time also depends on whether a person is running, walking or jogging up the stairs.

As the body grows accustomed to climbing the stairs, Kelly suggests increasing the intensity as opposed to the amount of time. The higher the intensity, the more weight a person will lose.

For example, add weights or jog instead of walk, those changes will make the stairs more difficult. Another tip from Kelly it to make sure that the entire foot is placed on the step to ensure balance, as well as minimize the pressure on the knees.

It may seem challenging at first to climb stairs, but it is well worth adding it into any workout routine. Take it slow at first if needed and then build up the intensity.

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