Experts reveal new health and fitness trends for 2019

From eating food waste to immersive yoga: Experts reveal the hottest new fitness and wellness trends that will stretch your body AND mind in 2019

  • Wellness experts have revealed the hottest food and exercise trends for 2019 
  • ‘Immersive’ workouts with calming backdrops are designed to transport you
  • Rowing is set to replace spinning as the ‘must-do’ exercise across the UK
  • The rise of pick-and-choose fitness apps means greater flexibility for users

The start of a new year is the perfect time to to embark on a new health and fitness regime – and industry experts predict these will be the most popular trends for the months ahead. 

British nutrition, exercise and wellness experts have revealed how the rise of plant-based diets and flexible fitness apps are shaping the landscape – and rowing is replacing spinning to become 2019’s ‘must-do’ exercise.  

Here, a team of experts give FEMAIL the lowdown on the hottest new health and fitness trends to try in 2019…

Yoga with a view: FLYLDN is a yoga and Pilates studio which uses backdrops of mountains and beach landscapes, which promises to help transport customers during their workouts

Immersive workouts  

Yoga is great for the body and mind, but not when all you can think about is work and your never-ending to-do list. 

So yogis will welcome the new generation of ‘immersive’ workouts set alongside spine-tingling playlists and videos of breath-taking Himalayan mountain ranges and crashing ocean swells. 

Fly LDN, in London’s Aldgate, have adopted this in their studio, while ChromaYoga in Shoreditch also use different colours in their studios to help clients ‘re-balance’ their moods.

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‘Studies have shown that viewers watching recorded natural scenes reported an increased sense of well-being, calm and optimism,’ said Charlotte Cox, founder of Fly LDN.

‘More and more of us are living fast paced lifestyles, constantly connected and overloaded with information that makes it hard to switch off. 

‘Our immersive studio helps you block that out get the most out of your workout both mentally and physically.’ 

If yoga isn’t your thing then Les Mills’ new immersive spinning classes called the Trip could be right up your street. The 40-minute cycling workout, available at gyms all over the world, takes you on a virtual journey through digitally-created worlds.

Dr Hazel Wallace, aka The Food Medic (pictured), has given her top tips on what we’ll be eating this year 

Plant burgers

‘With a boom in veganism, there is an increase in the demand and availability for plant based options – from protein powders and delicious snacks to milk substitutes and meat alternatives, there’s lots of vegan-friendly alternatives to choose from on our high streets,’ said Dr Hazel Wallace, the founder of The Food Medic. 

‘We now not only have a greater variety of better tasting veggie burgers, we also have burgers made entirely from plants which actually bleed and taste like their meat based alternative.

‘The Impossible burger was created by a group of scientists, farmers and chefs who wanted to create a burger which is 100 per cent plant based but has the same appearance, texture, aroma, flavour and even sizzle of a beef burger,’ says Wallace.

‘Their core ingredients include wheat protein, coconut oil and potato protein, but their secret ingredient is heme (or haem) which gives beef its pink-red colour and meaty taste.’

Gyms like F45 and Core Collective gyms are integrating them in their HIIT based classes, while rowing specific gyms like the Engine Room (pictured) are also popping up 

Rowing is back

It may have been all about spinning for the last few years but rowing is now having its time back in the spotlight. Gyms like F45 and Core Collective gyms are integrating them in their HIIT based classes, while rowing specific gyms like the Engine Room are also popping up.

Thomas Fitzgerald, head PT at F45 Ravenscourt Park said: ‘The benefits of rowing are unquestionable. There aren’t many forms of exercise that act as a low impact total body workout that dramatically improves weight loss as well as muscle and joint mobility.

Going alcohol-free 

‘In the last year we have seen a 20.5 per cent increase in sales of low and non-alcoholic drinks. More and more people are choosing to opt for alcohol alternatives when out,’ said Wallace, who is currently working with Boots UK on its Little Boosts campaign.

‘The food and beverage industry has caught onto this new wave of teetotalers and continues to expand and diversify the range of no or low alcohol drinks, from beers and lagers to wines and spirits. 

‘The reason why people are ditching booze is unclear but it’s likely to be due to money, a greater awareness of personal health and “wellness”, and also the availability of low or no alcohol drinks which actually taste pretty great, still giving you that little boost when out with friends.’

‘It’s importance has been recognised across a wide array of sporting disciplines to improve cardio conditioning and VO2 max ranging from rowing itself to cycling, mixed martial arts and bodybuilding.’

Gym hopping and live workouts

Instead of forking out a monthly fee for the privilege of attending the same mediocre gym, new ‘gym-hopping’ apps like Esquared and MINDBODY mean you can buy discounted class packages, and take advantage of live streamed workouts from apps like FIIT.

‘The obvious benefits of hopping between studios are the increased exposure to new styles and approaches to fitness training and techniques,’ said Lydia Cardona, content specialist at MINDBODY.

‘You’ll also get fresh perspectives on your strengths and weaknesses from new instructors and a broader network of people to connect and socialise with.’ 

While Hazel Wallace recommends live streaming your workout with apps like FiiT, saying: ‘These classes mean that people won’t have to leave their front room to get a workout in.

‘Gone are the days of wandering round the gym clueless, or googling every exercise from a workout guide that you’ve downloaded from the net, because now you can live stream a personal trainer right into your living room.’ 

The Trip is a 40-minute cycling workout from Les Mills and  takes you on a journey through digitally-created worlds, pictured

Eating waste

Wallace has seen a growing trend in Brits taking note of food waste: ‘Around a third of all food produced is lost or wasted. This is not just a social or humanitarian concern — it’s an environmental one. 

‘Global food loss and waste is responsible for about 8 per cent of total greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions generated by humans. 

‘There’s huge pressure on governments and companies to find ways to reduce our detrimental impact on the environment, and one easy, tangible way we can all help is through reducing the food that we waste. 

‘We are seeing a rise in the number of zero waste chefs, restaurants, and cookbooks, and this is not simply “nose-to-tail” dining but literally – eat everything, waste nothing.’   

Dr. Hazel Wallace has teamed up with Boots UK on their Little Boosts campaign this January, to help support the nation in achieving their wellness goals this year

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