Everything you need to know about dating a Virgo

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Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac, a mutable sign (born at the end of a season), an Earth sign (ruled by the grounding element of Earth), and governed by Mercury (clever, shrewd, chatty).

Virgo’s astrological symbol is the virgin. This reflects their wholesomeness, purity, and helpful, supportive nature.

Virgos want to be perfect too, and this can get real tricky for them. They are super hard on themselves and expect nothing less than the absolute best 24:7. Idealism and high standards can lead them into anxious and stressful waters… and they all have to learn to find a way to quell their negative or judgmental inner voice.

As friends and lovers and life partners, they are first class. They will make your life better, raise your aspirations, and support you 100%.

Dating a Virgo? Here’s what you need to know…

Virgo personality traits

Virgos are elegant, sophisticated, serene, and calm (on the surface, but we’ll get to that later…). They love to present a totally pulled-together, got my sh*t in order, no fuss façade to the world and they are pretty stoic and straightforward.

They take things head on, in a quiet and un-showy way, they tackle life pragmatically and seek to resolve any and all little issues within their circle of influence (and sometimes beyond it, as Virgo always think they know best, and actually they often do).

Ruled by Mercury (like Gemini) they are curious, quick-witted and perceptive, love travel, enjoy business dealings and money matters, and love picking up news, info, gossip and titbits to share with others.

Despite their typically modest and shy demeanour, they tend to have many friends and love socialising and getting the low-down on everything.

Virgos’ achilles heel is their perfectionism and self criticism (tbh, they can criticise others pretty well too). They have a natural ‘what’s the problem here?’ take on things and tend to overplay the negative, focus on the errors or issues, and dwell on what they could have done better.

All Virgos have an inner battle with that strict judge of theirs.

Virgos cannot bear, cannot stand, and will not tolerate being told they are wrong. They hate being wrong, rarely are, and will create what feels like a court atmosphere to prove that you in fact are wrong. Google is their BFF. Pedantic? Yes.

What do Virgos like?

  • Punctuality
  • Order
  • Decluttering
  • Spring cleaning
  • Decorating
  • DIY
  • Gardening
  • Cooking
  • Generally being domestic gods and goddesses
  • Spreadsheets
  • Diaries
  • Calendars
  • Schedules
  • Driving
  • Travelling
  • Days out
  • Major events with limited tickets
  • High quality products
  • Designer labels,
  • Expensive gadgets
  • Fitness challenges
  • Rewards
  • Praise
  • Recognition
  • Gratitude
  • Thank you notes
  • Flowers
  • Crafts
  • Arts
  • Writing
  • Gossip
  • News
  • Reading
  • Making money
  • Being proven right
  • Helping others out

Deal-breakers for a Virgo?

Virgos are drawn to the tricky territory of fixing people and often, even if it’s not 100% needed, will try and solve their partner’s problems and behaviours and negative traits. This means they can attract people who just want to take them for granted and leech off their good deeds and support.

Eventually Virgo will tire of the ‘one way street’ and depart. And when they do, it’s for good.

Virgo’s love language

Virgos are modest and serene on the surface and will always present themselves properly, appropriately, and with good manners and graces. So try to limit the PDA or sexual innuendo in public, they don’t like that. Being embarrassed is not on their faves list.

In private, however, it can be another matter. Virgo suppress some of their passion and intensity in public so there’s sometimes an overspill in private, which can be surprising and pleasing for a partner who thought they were getting a more buttoned-up type of lover. Virgo will surprise you!

Virgo’s compatible signs for love, sex, and romance

Other Earth signs – so fellow Virgos, as well as Taurus and Capricorn.

Virgo’s opposite sign (the sign they’re magnetised by in love) is Pisces. This pair are total opposites in every way and therefore fascinated by each other. Virgo is practical and shrewd, Pisces is creative and emotional. Together, they form a whole.

Geminis are ruled by Mercury like Virgo, so they have a sympathetic bond and share a love of travel, business, news and gossip.

What you can expect from a relationship with a Virgo

You can expect a rock-solid, loyal, helpful, kind and attentive life partner who will enhance your home, work, relationships, personal development, health and wealth!

Virgos seek to make life easier, better, nicer, safer, more comfortable and fun. They are not malicious or selfish or chaotic or destructive.

The only quibble might be how much they get on your case about things, and you will have to do your chores, help on housework, pull your weight, and put up with a fair amount of criticism but… it’s usually well meaning and they always have a point.

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