Elon Musk’s Brother, Kimbal, Gets Booted Off Fox Business Segment For Talking About Planting Seeds

Elon Musk’s brother, Kimbal, had an interview segment on Fox Business cut short on Thursday after he insisted on talking about an initiative called “Plant A Seed Today.” Kimbal Musk is a Tesla board member and interviewers tried to steer him into talking about Elon stepping down as chairman. But his younger brother could not be swayed.

“Hi, and thank you for having me here,” Kimbal said after he was introduced by Fox host Stuart Varney. “I’m so excited about plant a seed day.”

Elon Musk has been replaced by Robyn Denholm and it looks like Varney wanted to find out more about how she is adjusting to the role.

“Have you heard anything from her?” the host asked at one point during the attempted interview. “Is she laying down law?”

But Kimbal Musk did not take the bait.

“I am very happy for the future of Tesla,” he replied. “Let me tell you about a kid on the Southside of Chicago.”

That’s when Varney seemed to get frustrated with his uncooperative interview subject.

“Look, this is the most watched business news program in America and we have that reputation because we go at the stories of the day and we figure out exactly what’s going on,” he said tersely. “Now I want to know what’s going on at Tesla with the new board chair and you are on the board. Can you answer the question?”

Kimbal Musk ignored the question again and continued to talk about Plant A Seed Day.

After Musk was given a little bit more time to talk about the environmental project, Varney ended the interview, insisting that he would not be “used.”

Plant A Seed Day may have been dismissed by Varney, but on Twitter, people cheered Kimbal on for advocating for it so fiercely.

“This is amazing. A+ trolling by Kimbal Musk,” wrote a Twitter user.

“Maybe @Varneyco only wants to talk about Tesla, but after watching this I want to talk about PlantASeedDay,” another tweeted.

As Kimbal Musk tried to explain, Plant A Seed Day, is his effort to get 1 million families to plant seeds on March 20, 2019. As you can imagine, it’s being spearheaded by an NGO that was co-founded by Musk named Big Green.

“Our mission is to inspire families across America to discover the magic of growing their own food,” he wrote in an article on Medium.

There’s no word yet on whether Kimbal will be interviewed again to talk about the project or whether he wants to continue to troll journalists who want to talk about the future of Tesla.

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