Driverless Cars Will Cause Increased Sex On The Road, Per Study

Driverless cars already exist, and they’re well on their way to becoming a mainstream reality. A new study finds that with the increase of driverless transportation comes an increase in sex on the road.

According to an NBC News report, a study published in the Annals of Tourism Research concluded that people will use the privacy of self-driving cars to engage in intimate activity when they no longer have to pay much attention to the road.

Debbie Hopkins from the University of Oxford and Scott Cohen from the University of Surrey led the study, which found that this new mode of transportation will reshape the tourism industry from sex to sleeping and dining. Even before cars needed no driver, some 60 percent of adults already made a go of things in a vehicle.

The study found that driverless cars may provide a venue for sex tourism. “Sex is a part of urban tourism and commercialized sex is part of that too, so it is quite likely that autonomous vehicles will lead to prostitution, whether legal or illegal, to take place in moving autonomous vehicles in the future,” Cohen said.

Of course, widespread adoption of autonomous vehicles is likely decades away, and the study predicts they will become a road reality around 2040, according to a report from Metro.

The Metro report pointed out that modesty laws likely won’t change with the adoption of the new transportation technology, so if people somehow begin getting it on in autonomous cars on the road, then the vehicles will have to be equipped with some type of privacy.

Cohen believes that hotels will face a different future because when people regularly use driverless cars, there’s a good possibility they may decide to sleep in their vehicles too instead of stopping off to sleep at roadside accommodations.

Stuart Masson, editor of Car Expert said, “Obviously cost will be an issue, as this technology won’t be available on your average Ford Fiesta for a long time yet, but it’s entirely likely that we’ll see wealthier car owners enjoying the eating/sleeping/sex opportunities of driverless cars as soon as they become available.”

Many believe that engaging in sexual activity in an autonomous car will be safer than what happens at times on the road today. Distracted driving often causes accidents, and the AI controlling the vehicles presumably will not become distracted when the cars’ occupants begin engaging in other behavior. For now, though, any illicit car behavior should not take place while the vehicle is moving.

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