Drink Up! Kourtney Kardashian Shares Tonics, Supplements That Help Diet

Kourtney Kardashian is at it again! This time, the keto diet devotee, who went back on the strict eating regimen last month for the second time, is now sharing the bevy of tonics and supplements that keep her on track and benefit her “skin, mood and energy.”

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star, 40, dished on her trusty beverages in a post published on her lifestyle website, Poosh, on Monday, July 29. “I stay on a relatively clean diet to keep me healthy and feeling my best, save for a few cheat moments sprinkled in. Because balance,” Kardashian began. “But, I also rely on rituals and supplements I take internally that really make a difference in my skin, mood, and energy.”

So what made Kardashian’s must-have list of supplements? The E! personality went on to explain that she relies on a myriad of healthy, vitamin-based drinks to get her through the day. “Most mornings, I start things off with my cup of Collagen Vibes, which I helped formulate so it’s a brand that I know I can trust, ingredients-wise,” she wrote.

As the Kourtney & Kim Take Miami alum noted, nutrient-rich drinks are the linchpin for her healthy eating tactics. “Hydration is key for me: I’m constantly sipping on something in an effort to never let myself get dehydrated,” she wrote.

Some of Kardashian’s other go-to beverages include water with magnesium in trace minerals, coconut water and more. Scroll down to see what else the reality star drinks to stay happy and healthy!

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