Dr Pimple Popper jokes man has ‘coin purse on head’ as cyst squirts pus over her

Dr Pimple Popper was dealing with a huge cyst growing on a man's head when she was suddenly hit with something "unexpected".

In the stomach-churning footage she uploaded on her TikTok page, Sandra Lee MD is surgically removing the cyst and its sac and jokes it looks like a "coin purse" on her patient's head.

The expert surgeon cuts a horizontal line into the cyst and pulls out the sac so that it will hopefully not grow back again.

But as she tenderly presses on the bump, it dramatically bursts forth a jet of blood and pus straight at her face and she visibly jumps back in shock.

In the caption, she drily remarked: "Always. Unexpected."

The gross video has been watched more than 1.5 million times since Dr Lee uploaded it on TikTok five days ago, on June 24, and viewers admitted they were just as stunned as she was in the moment.

One fan commented: "I felt that hit my face."

Someone else wrote: "The way I almost yeeted [throw with force] my phone because I have my phone all up in my face."

"Why did I dodge that in real life?" commented a third viewer.

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Another conflicted follower said: "I gagged so much but I love it."

Sandra Lee MD is a US dermatologist and YouTuber based in Upland, California, and became famous for her appearances on TV where she is known as Dr Pimple Popper.

This comes after Dr Lee squeezed something that was "not an earring" out of an earlobe and it seriously confused viewers, with one commenting the gunk was like a "black diamond".

And fans were left squirming in horror as she popped a cyst that kept on giving.

The deceptively deep spot oozed out endless streams of pus that some viewers compared to spaghetti or linguine.

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