Don’t tell the bride: Groom holds wedding during rugby half-time

Furious newlywed bride almost leaves her new husband after he held their wedding on a RUGBY PITCH at half time and didn’t invite ANY of her family

  • Wesley Keywood, 22, from Devon, plans wedding ceremony during rugby game
  • Charlotte, 20, wants a small, intimate occasion, with just her friends and family 
  • Instead the couple get married in front of 26,000 in a five minute ceremony 
  • Wedding almost derails after groom doesn’t invite her family until days before

A bride nearly ended her relationship after her rugby-mad groom organised the wedding to take place on a rugby pitch – and didn’t invite any of her family in Don’t Tell The Bride.  

In tonight’s episode of the E4 show, Charlotte, 20, from Devon, insists she wants an intimate, family-focused occasion for her dream day – but Wesley, 22, opts for a five-minute ceremony during half-time instead.

And their relationship is pushed to the limit when, days before the wedding, Wesley admits he hasn’t invited any of her nearest and dearest. 

‘So he’s not even going to bother inviting my Nan?’ rages Charlotte on hearing the news. ‘I won’t marry him. And I mean that. I’ll move out, I won’t be with him.’

Wesley, 22, plans his wedding to Charlotte, 20, to take place during half-time of a rugby match in Leicester in tonight’s episode of Don’t Tell The Bride

The couple met two years ago on a night out in Devon, and after nine months, Wes popped the question.

Since the couple have welcomed their baby Lockie, Charlotte reveals she’s had her hands full, and says Wesley is ‘so much harder to look after’ than the baby. 

But sports-mad Wesley has more than family life on his mind and explains: ‘Rugby is a massive part of my life. I’m good at it. I just love rugby. More than Charlie.’

And while Charlotte has always dreamed of a white wedding and wants to feel like a real-life princess on the big day, Wesley says he wants her to experience the rugby lifestyle. 

‘I want Charlotte to experience the same feeling I feel when I’m on that pitch,’ he explains. ‘I just know the crowd will just be there and Charlie will be buzzing.’  

In tonight’s episode of the E4 show, the couple end up tying the knot in a quick five minute ceremony in front of 26,000 people in a rugby stadium. Pictured exchanging vows

Wesley desperately starts phoning some of England’s top rugby stadiums to see where he can get married, as Charlotte reveals she wants something small and intimate, with just friends and family.

And while he struggles to find a local stadium that will allow them to run onto the pitch during halftime, he eventually gets the green light from Welford Road Stadium. 

However, as it’s a live match, he’s told he’ll only be allowed five minutes on the pitch, so nobody can be late. 

The rugby-obsessed groom plans the reception in the car park, and hurtles through the rest of the planning, buying bridesmaid dresses and Charlotte’s wedding dress. 

Wesley (pictured) admits he hasn’t invited any of Charlotte’s family until days before, leaving their relationship close to disaster 

The couple end up getting married in a speedy five minute ceremony during half-time at the Leicester Tiger’s rugby game 

But it quickly becomes apparent there’s something big the groom has forgotten about.

Days before the wedding, Wesley admits to his future mother-in-law Cindy that he hasn’t actually invited any of Charlotte’s friends or family.

‘I forgot to write down everyone’s numbers right from Charlie’s side,’ he says, to which a stunned Cindy asks: ‘Did you not think about people like Nan when you booked the venue and organised things? She’s a big part of your life.’

Wes adds: ‘No I did. I thought about her and I just thought, she’s best off sitting at home.’ 

When Wesley leaves, Cindy immediately phones her daughter to tell her the news that her grandmother hasn’t been invited to the wedding.

Despite her initial reservations, Charlotte calls the wedding day ‘the best thing ever’ and says she is ‘really proud’ of her husband. Pictured together after the ceremony 

The couple (pictured) end up tying the knot in a quick five minute ceremony in front of 26,000 people in a rugby stadium 

Charlie is left horrified and rants: ‘So he’s not even going to bother inviting her? I won’t marry him. I’ll move out. I won’t be with him. 

‘Because he can’t treat my Nan like that. How can he be that much of an idiot?’  

Despite her reservations, she goes ahead with the wedding and takes the five-and-a-half hour journey to Leicester Tiger’s stadium. 

Traditional wedding music is played to the thousands-strong crowd at the match and, despite her initial reservations, Charlotte says she’s ‘overjoyed’ by the day. 

And when their quick five minute wedding was over, the couple rush off the pitch into the car park to have their reception.

Calling the day ‘perfect,’ Charlotte says: ‘It’s probably the best thing ever. I’m really proud of you. I am in love with this. And you.’

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