Donald Trump Likes It So Much When Other Men Call Him 'Sir,' He Makes Up Stories About It: Here Are 10 Of Them

Donald Trump really likes it when other men call him ‘sir,’ but according to a reporter who collects Trump ‘Sir Alerts,’ they probably don’t call him that.

Based on an analysis of hundreds of his public statements by Toronto Star reporter Daniel Dale, Donald Trump enjoys few things more than when other men address him as “sir.” Dale has chronicled dozens of times Trump has claimed that a man has called “sir,” on his Twitter account. What’s the significance of the repeated “Sir Alerts” compiled by Dale? Writing an op-ed for The Washington Post last week, Dale, who has fact-checked most of Trumps’ speeches and interviews over the past two years, explained that when Trump drops a “sir” into a story, it’s a signal that he is lying.

“Listen to this president long enough, and you can almost sense when a lie is coming,” he wrote. “If Trump tells a story in which an unnamed person calls him “sir,” it’s probably invented.”

The most recent “Sir Alert” note by Dale on his Twitter account, occurred Sunday in an interview with Chris Wallace of Fox News, when Trump claimed, “I get it all the time; ‘Sir, we’ll never vote unless you’re on the ballot.’ I get it all the time. People are saying, ‘Sir, I will never vote unless you’re on the ballot.’”

In the above instance, the “people” calling Trump “sir” were of an unspecified gender. But perhaps more typical, as noted in an earlier Inquisitr report about Trump’s fondness for stories about men who cry in his presence in addition to calling him “sir,” was the following quote, cited by Dale, came at a campaign rally in October, when Trump described a “big, strong” steel worker calling him “sir.”

“Steelworkers…Big, strong guys they came up to me. One of them said ‘thank you sir for saving our country,’” Trump claimed. “And he was crying. And I’m tellin’ you, he was crying.”

In addition to the above two “Sir Alerts,” here are eight more instances of Trump telling probably fabricated stories in which someone addresses him as “sir.” In the first instance, members of congress call him “sir.”

Dale found another example of the “big strong guy” Sir Alert, that sounds nearly identical to the “steel worker” story cited above.

Another example of a man with a stereotypically masculine occupation supposedly calling Trump “sir” came earlier this month from a “Georgia farmer.” As with many of the characters in Trump’s stories, whether or not the Georgia farmer actually exists is impossible to verify.

Dale even found one Trump story in which Trump called someone else, “sir,” albeit in mocking fashion.

Another example of farmers addressing Trump as “sir” follows.”

Finally, a “NATO leader” calls Trump “sir.”

The final example had added significance, because in telling that story, Trump expressed how much he enjoys it when people call him “sir.” Numerous further examples may be discovered at Scoopnest, which also reveals that while Trump does not always specify the gender of the person who calls him “sir” in his stories, he has rarely if ever specified that the “sir” came from a woman.

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