Dirty-minded Morrisons shoppers chuckle as broken sign looks very rude

Dirty-minded Brits were left chuckling at a broken Morrisons sign that spelt a X-rated insult.

Like any other shop, the much loved supermarket welcome their customers to the store with their name and logo.

Although, one brightly lit store sign failed to greet their shoppers how it was supposed to do.

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British meme Twitter account 'No Context Brits' posted a photo of the nine letters that make up the word 'Morrisons' hung boldly above the shop doors.

But not all of the letters were working, which really made some people ask.

Why, you ask? Well, the second 'R' and the 'I' and 'S' were unlit – spelling out 'Morons' instead.

"Charming", the original poster sarcastically wrote.

Left in fits of giggles, many people fled to the comments to poke fun at the sign blunder.

One person pointed out the obvious and said: "It actually reads 'Morrisons'. It’s just the bulbs have gone in the middle."

Another user added: "The electrician that set this up at construction knew this day would come."

While a third voiced: "I'll take my business elsewhere lol."

Someone else said: "Love this."

Meanwhile, a fifth chuckled: "Lol this is funny."

This isn't the first time Brit supermarket shoppers were left laughing about a sign gaffe.

Previously, eagle-eyed Tesco customers spotted an awkward spelling error on a printed out note hung on the bakery section.

Despite the staff member's intentions being pure, the result of the notice was certainly not.

Instead of apologising for any 'inconvenience', it appeared the store was saying sorry for something a little more personal.

Hilariously, it read: "Sorry, no bakery. Due to staff shortage. Apology for any incontinence."



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