Diners blast 'worst KFC' in the UK, slamming its 'oozy greasy food'

Diners blast the ‘worst KFC’ in the UK, slamming the ‘oozy greasy food’ and describing it as ‘filthy’

  •  Chestfield, Kent branch of KFC has a 1.5 star rating on review site Tripadvisor
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Unhappy diners have blasted a branch of KFC, hitting out at the ‘oozy greasy food’, and branding it the worst in the UK.

Among the poor Tripadvisor write-ups of the eatery in Chestfield near Whitstable, Kent, are 101 one-star reviews.

The overall rating of the branch is 1.5 stars, with disgruntled customers sharing their discontent over the ‘horrible’ food and the ‘filthy’ interior.

Others have bemoaned how they regularly receive the wrong orders, and the ‘rude’ staff, with some saying the outlet sometimes closes unexpectedly.

One reviewer wrote: ‘Terrible as usual, on the few occasions I have had the misfortune to visit this kfc it has always been disappointing. 

The Chestfield branch of KFC (pictured) near Whitstable in Kent has been blasted by diners who have criticised the eatery for being dirty among other complaints

‘Either drive thru shut/in store shut/run out of something/slow service or crap food. This time couldn’t order on screens so had to wait for a till (took forever), couldn’t use any offers from the app and the food when I got it had the wrong sauce in it. 

‘If this is a franchise it should be taken off them, if its a company store then shame on you. This location is seriously damaging the KFC brand.’

Another one-star write-up said: ‘The worst place ever I never use you again rude staff need training the food was horrid I don’t know what’s going on here but it not the first we had bad meal from here but we thought we try again but never again.’

And a further reviewer said they had received ‘disgusting’ food, writing: ‘I just picked up a ten piece family bucket. Got home to find eight of them were drumsticks!! Great if you only like drumsticks, but otherwise, that is really poor. 

‘To add insult to injury, the other two pieces were just an oozing greasy mess and absolutely disgusting. By in large, the whole meal was just poor. Would advise others to avoid at all costs unless they don’t care about what they eat or just desperate for food. Yuck.’

Meanwhile, another noted the unexpected closure of the eatery’s drive-thru, and well as making comments about the branch’s cleanliness.

They wrote: ‘Read an article recently which named and shamed our local KFC. KFC said they were working on it and its got worse! It’s filthy in there with used napkins and food on the floor. 

‘The counters are grubby. Two of the ordering screens out of action. The place needs a massive clean. Piles of chips underneath the grill serving rack again mess everywhere. 

One very unhappy reviewer shared a photo of the chicken they received from the outlet, saying it was undercooked 

‘The chips was cold and tiny portions and the chicken was over cooked and poor. Just to add to it the drive thru’ is shut but I must say the traffic cones outside blocking off the drive thru’ are the cleanest thing on site! don’t go please dont go!!!’ 

And another accused the eatery of giving them undercooked chicken, writing: ‘Bought a family sharing boneless box to share with children as a treat.

‘Firstly staff were rude – and told us that they had run out of gravy and corn (on a Wednesday night at 6pm). When I asked what alternatives there were as the menu wasn’t fully on display the response was rude.

‘Then when we got home the chicken was not cooked through and had rubbery texture – and we couldn’t actually eat the meal. 

Among the 101 one-star reviews, were those accusing the eatery of being dirty, serving undercooked food, and having rude staff

‘The only item that seemed properly cooked was the hot wings I paid extra for – but they were stone cold.

‘Inside the takeaway bag the chicken fillets weren’t even properly in the box and the chips were all loose in one large bag.

‘Now to hope I don’t develop food poisoning from the chicken I bit into before realising it wasn’t cooked.

‘Definitely AVOID.’

However, some reviewers have left more positive comments, with 11 of the eatery’s write-ups boasting five stars, and seven four stars. 

Some reviewers left more positive write-ups, saying they had enjoyed their visit to the branch, and received good service

Among the happy diners, one wrote: ‘I very rarely write reviews, but upon reading all the negative reviews here, I felt compelled to put in my two penneth. I was honestly surprised by what I have been reading here. I have used this KFC about three times in the last two months and found it no different to any other KFC I have been to.’

And another said: ‘My family and i visited this restaurant and i have to say the service was excellent ,the food very tasty.’

Meanwhile, a third wrote: ‘went in yesterday for my friday night takeaway, was served by Brandon, very helpful as I dont go to KFC often and didnt know what was a big enough meal for an adult.The store is very clean, got home and order was correct and hot and tasty.’ 

A KFC Spokesperson told FEMAIL: ‘The Colonel is passionate about his food always being finger lickin’ good, so we’re sorry to see these reviews. 

‘Our Chestfield restaurant has a 5* food hygiene rating, but we always encourage our fans to get in touch when things don’t go to plan – and we’ll work hard to make things right.’

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