Did Artie Lange Give Donald Trump the Idea to Build a Border Wall?

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By now it is no secret that Donald Trump is obsessed with building a wall along the U.S.-Mexico border. In fact, he’s so obsessed with this wall, he is willing to allow 800,000 federal workers to work without pay until he achieves his goal.

Currently, vital services remain open to the public, however, the employees who deliver those services are doing it without pay. Parks and museums are unstaffed and the Internal Revenue Service has ceased operation, The New York Times reports. While social security checks will be mailed out, other restrictions are in place. This includes restrictions to the Federal Aviation Administration as many employees from a variety of branches are furloughed.

At this point, the government appears to be at a stalemate, with nearly one million federal workers and their families being used as a political pawn. Trump seems to be holding onto wall funding like a dog with a bone. And where did he get the idea that he can’t seem to shake?

Building a wall isn’t a novel idea

The concept of building a wall isn’t new. Famous walls in history include the Great Wall of China, the Roman Wall, and the Berlin Wall, CNN reports. Today these walls are mainly just tourist attractions and the Berlin Wall is no longer in existence.

The U.S. currently has a border barrier along the Mexico delineation line. The US Customs and Border Protection reports 1,071,972 people were prevented from crossing into the U.S. in 2006 before the fence construction. After the fence was constructed the next year, apprehensions dropped by over 200,000, CNN reports.

But since Trump likes to watch TV…

Actor Will Arnett joked about how Trump may have inadvertently gotten his idea to build the wall from the off-beat series Arrested Development in 2013. “What’s great is how he was able to you know sort of shoehorn his way into our narrative that we actually created with the wall years before,” Arnett said to EW Radio, San Francisco Gate reports. “It’s like a f–king gift from the heavens.”

Actress Jessica Walter, who portrays the Bluth matriarch said, “The wall was my idea,” she said. “We got an interesting point there,” David Cross, who plays Tobias Funke, added. “The observation that the stuff that was happening in Season 4 that we’re continuing in Season 5, that part of the story, that’s Trump’s whole thing now. And that was years before he [did it]. And the Bluths are horrible, awful people. So you fill in. Make the connection as you will.”

Or this nuanced drop could have planted the idea too

Although unlikely, a 2005 quip from Lange may have first massaged the idea to build a wall. During an appearance on The Howard Stern Show, Stern presented a fictitious scenario to Trump. Stern asked Trump if his wife, Melania was in a hideous car accident and sustained injuries, would he still be there for her?

Trump insisted he’d be “100%” for her. But as Stern pressed he said to Trump that he’d know when would be a good time to cut ties with her. “You will know when the accident is happening,” Stern says. To which Lange says, “Well, his people will be installing the walls.”

Meanwhile, Trump continues to grin. Perhaps taking it all in to use the idea for a “rainy day.”  And now it is raining. Hard.

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