Denise Welch once stole 'A&S' toilet roll from Prince Andrew

Denise Welch claims she once stole toilet paper from her former friend Prince Andrew’s home because it had the initials A&S on ‘every sheet’ – ‘long after’ his split with Sarah Ferguson

  • Loose Women host Denise Welch revealed she visited Prince Andrew’s home 
  • Says there was pictures everywhere of royal with his ex-wife long after they split 
  • Also said that she borrowed a ‘woolly’ from Andrew as his house was ‘freezing’ 

Denise Welch has claimed that she once stole toilet paper from Prince Andrew – which was decorated with the letters ‘A&S’ a ‘long time’ after he split with former wife Sarah Ferguson. 

The Loose Women panelist, 61, from Tynemouth, confessed that prior to the recent scandal surrounding the Duke of York, she ‘quite liked him’ and revealed that she once visited his home. 

She told that his house was covered in pictures of him and former wife Sarah, despite the fact they had split in 1996 after ten years of marriage, and ‘every sheet’ of the toilet roll was embossed with their initials. 

The actress also told that his home was ‘freezing’ and he had to lend her what he called a ‘woolly’ to keep warm. 

Loose Women panelist, 61, from Tynemouth,has claimed that she once stole toilet paper from Prince Andrew – which was decorated with the letters ‘A&S’ a ‘long time’ after he split with former wife Sarah Ferguson 

 The Duke of York and his former wife have remained friends and are pictured here attending Ascot together earlier this year 

‘In the days where I knew Prince Andrew – I quite liked him originally, I don’t like him now –  we went to his house. 

‘He had been split up from Sarah Ferguson for quite some time, and I was astonished when we went there that everything was still him and Fergie. 

‘All the photos were him and Fergie, everything and I went to the toilet and I did steal some toilet paper. 

 ‘Because it was embossed with A&S on every sheet.’  

Prince Andrew married Sarah in 1986 and was married for ten years before splitting in 1996 

The couple are pictured here a year before their split with daughters Princess Beatrice  and Eugenie at Wentworth Golf Course

‘He also gave me a woolly that I tried to steal. He called it a woolly. I was freezing because you know sometimes rich people’s houses are freezing cold. 

‘I did try to take it but he asked for it back. ‘

This isn’t the first time Denise has opened up about the royal. Last month she claimed that the royal made ‘disrespectful comments’ about Princess Diana at a dinner party shortly after her death.

Denise previously claimed Andrew made ‘disrespectful comments’ about Princess Diana at a dinner party shortly after her death  

The star said she was ‘very upset’ so confronted Andrew, prompting him to storm out.

Welch made the revelation in a segment discussing the royal’s relationship with convicted paedophile Jeffrey Epstein, which she called a ‘huge mistake’.

 The broadcaster said she attended the dinner with her ex-husband Tim Healy and several others, including an unnamed actress and a cricketer.

Recalling how she and the cricketer had agreed it would be insensitive to talk about Diana, the panellist recalled Prince Andrew starting to do so.

She said on the show: ‘Prince Andrew was very keen to talk about her and he began to say things that really upset me and to me were very disrespectful to someone he shouldn’t have been sharing this information with.’

Welch said this made her ‘very, very cross’ and she told Andrew how she felt.

She continued: ‘Back in the day I enjoyed a vodka or two… by the time he got up to leave he put his hand on my husband’s shoulder and said “rather you than me sir”.’  

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