Dead mice and ‘dribbles’ of urine found in disgusting restaurant

Dead mice, mouse droppings and "dribbles" of urine in dishes led food safety officials to immediately close a restaurant .

Sickening photos taken at Flamingo Bar and Grill, in Belgrave, Leicester, capture the evidence of "mouse activity in the kitchen, storeroom and bar".

It was issued with a hygiene emergency prohibition notice on Wednesday night after a routine inspection, Leicestershire Live says.

The Leicester City Council notice stressed "the poor standard of cleaning, created an imminent risk of injury to health."

Significant improvements must be made if the restaurant is to reopen.

A further inspection of the premises is planned on Tuesday morning.

Pest control have also visited the site and a city council inspector found on a repeat visit on Friday morning, "approximately 50%" of the cleaning had been carried out.

The inspection report states that the restaurant’s pest control file showed that after a call out on March 1, 2019, no further action appeared to have been taken despite the fact that bait in ten of the bait boxes had been nibbled by mice. The report also said that a dead mouse had been found in the storeroom.

While on site inspectors saw and photographed two dead mice in traps, one near to the store room and another in the bar area.

Droppings were all over the kitchen and store area including near to and in containers where open bags of food were stored and near to where food is prepared.

A white serving dish had a mouse dropping and ‘dribbles’ of urine in it.

The inspector’s report said: "Almost immediately I noticed a dead mouse on a trap just inside the storeroom. The state of the carcass suggested the mouse had been dead for several days or longer."

Officials also noted stagnant water in several locations and dirty pots stacked up in the sink. Mouse droppings were also found in a box with saucepans and a rolling pan in it.

The inspector also noted a potential allergy hazard and wrote: "I noticed spillages of mustard seeds over the high level shelves above the cooking area. Mustard is an allergen and inadequate management of allergens can lead to contamination of food and result in an allergic reaction in consumers."

The inspectors served the notice after reaching the conclusion that the mouse problem had existed for 'many weeks'.

Manager at the venue, Dev Matharoo, told LeicestershireLive: “We started cleaning straight away.

“We normally clean the kitchen every Tuesday but because of the bank holiday that hadn’t happened.

“The mice get in because we have a large kitchen. The kitchen was actually quite clean but there was a problem with mice.

“We’ve already got a new pest control system in place and are about three-quarters of the way through cleaning.

“We hope to re-open after the assessment on Tuesday, we don’t want to lose too much business.”

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