Daily horoscope for September 27: YOUR star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Sunday’s horoscope finds Mercury going into the star sign Scorpio. As a result, the communication planet is no longer interested in fairness or objectivity.

YouTube astrologer Gregory Scott thinks you cannot be particularly interested in other people’s point of view this Sunday.

He said: “Scorpio is primarily concerned with diving into the emotional truth of things.

“This position is able to identify such affairs and attempting to heal them.”

However, Mercury moving into Scorpio certainly entails a desire to talk about your feelings.

Mr Scott said: “With this kind of frazzled, complicated energy, adding your feelings is going to make it even an even more volatile occasion.

“So why not hold back a little, because of this Mercury shift, especially during the day?”

The Aquarius Moon Opposes Venus in Leo as the weekend draws to an end.

An astrological Opposition takes places when cosmic bodies sit directly across the zodiac wheel from each other.

Mr Scott believes this only adds to a lingering friction in your forecast.

He said: “You may have a desire to demand applause and say wonderful you are.

“Now is the time to ask yourself which one needs to happen or will be the best one for those involved.

“A good question to ask yourself on Sunday is what will have the best effect and best possible outcome for the greatest number of people.

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“This is the best way to avoid getting into trouble on Sunday.

“Overall, this is an opportunity to wind things in a bit.”

This, he believes, is because people become much more biased and emotional due to this Mercury shift.

Mr Scott added: “You may well overstep the mark the mark and inform everybody about you feel and how they may have overstepped the mark.

“That might well be how you feel, but do not be surprised if you then feel even more isolated because you have told people to back off.

“Also, if you feel like you need to educate those around you, forget it, as you are wasting your breath.

“Don’t focus on those who don’t need educating and instead focus on those who have your best interests at heart.

“If you know you are speaking who cares about you, you will not be as demanding.”

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