Daily horoscope for January 7: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac today

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Today’s daily horoscope sees the Moon enter the eighth sign of the Western Zodiac, Scorpio. Scorpio the Scorpion is said to be an intense and deeply emotional sign to deal with it. People who follow Scorpio’s guidance often exude charm and personal magnetism, which means they often get what they want.

Scorpio is a Water sign in the Fixed node and that gives it a strong sense of perception and willpower.

Today, the Moon in Scorpio finds itself near the Sun in Capricorn.

Capricorn the Sea Goat is all about getting things done and doing so in the most practical way possible.

When Capricorn fills you with energy today, you will feel ambition and a drive to get down to business.

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Today, astrologers expect the two signs to mix together particularly well.

Why? Because Scorpio is a Water sign and Capricorn is an Earth sign, and the two mix very well just like Air and Fire do.

According to astrologer Debra Silverman of Astrology Answers, the combination is aided by Mercury entering the sign of Aquarius today.

She said: “It’s the most advanced placement. Mercury loves to be in Aquarius.”

As the astrologer explained, all of the planets have a specific place in the heavens where they live.

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In Mercury’s case, the planet simply loves to find itself inside of Aquarius the Water Bearer.

Aquarius is an Air sign that is known for being quite the spontaneous rebel.

Today, Ms Silverman believes Mercury’s position today will also send an intellectual energy your way.

She said: “Their mindset is multiple abilities like they can everything from science to music to art to designing – they’re just geniuses.

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“That’s all to say that we’ve got a perfect position for our mental body to understand why I love Capricorn-Scorpio so much.”

The astrologer believes Capricorn and Scorpion are the most sophisticated representatives of their respective houses.

When they pair together, they present us with the gift of focus.

Capricorns, after all, are renowned for their responsibility and tidiness.

Discord appears when Capricorns fail to live up to their duties or show up on time.

Ms Silverman said: “They’ll slow down, they’ll get proficient, they’ll take a long time to do but they got it.”

Meanwhile, the Moon in Scorpio has the radar that’s needed to focus and scrutinise the work.

The astrologer added: “So this is the gift of these two signs, these two days, Thursday and Friday. We can focus.”

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