Daily horoscope for December 14: Your star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast

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Today’s horoscope is all about the Moon moving from energetic Aries to steady Taurus. There are also movements with Mars and Mercury, forcing us to face our responsibilities and get things done. Express.co.uk reveals your horoscope, star sign reading, astrology and zodiac forecast for December 14.

The Moon moves from feisty Aries into sensual Taurus today.

Yesterday we were full of beans and a little impatient, but today we’re more grounded and relaxed.

The main difference between Aries and Taurus is the staying power, as Taurus is much more tenacious, sticks to its guns and finishes what it started.

The Aries Moon favoured quick actions that yield immediate results, undertakings that involve the self and the personality, self-assertion, taking on challenges, and beginning short-term projects.

However, Cafe Astrology points out that today’s Taurus Moon favours substantial and material actions that yield solid results, financial activities, activities involving personal possessions, applying for a loan, beginning a potentially long-term relationship, music, and home decor.

Today’s Taurus Moon brings a desire for serenity, security, peace, and comfort.

Cafe Astrology explained: “The Moon is at her most sensual and constant in Taurus.

“Our basic impulses are to relax, resist change, and stop to smell the roses.

“Life slows down a little and we get comfortable. We may also be inclined to stubbornness and materialism under this influence.

“The Taurus Moon helps moderate our pace and shield us from external pressures.

“Finances, belongings, comfort, and security can come into focus now.”

As the Moon leaves fiery Aries and slips into easy-going Taurus, Cafe Astrology says we are being asked to take a slower approach to life.

The Moon’s movement from Aries to Taurus sets a gentler pace for the next couple of days.

The site predicts: “The Taurus Moon is a steady position of the Moon that encourages us to enjoy ourselves and what we have going for us.

“There can be a slowing down with this transit – a stabilising of our feelings and considerably less urgency.

“We instinctively know that patience is required for matters to move forward naturally.”

Mars moved into Sagittarius yesterday, where it will stay until January 24, 2022.

Astrology.com said: “We will crave a change of scene, new adventures, and exhilarating new horizons.

“Similarly, we will be motivated to chase what sets our souls on fire and want to learn more about people, the world, and ourselves.

“We cannot be confined into a box—if we are, we will break the cage and burn it down!

“With so much passion in our souls, we will crave every new opportunity or experience that crosses our path.

“While we could have a great euphoria to experiment and start new projects, our energy may end up being more scattered if we don’t narrow our focus.”

The Moon is trining Mercury in Capricorn today, which Tarot.com says will lend us a “can-do spirit”.

The Moon is also square to Saturn, the planet of rules and hard work later today.

With this transit, Cafe Astrology said: “Our responsibilities to others can seem to clash with the pursuit of this stability or peace of mind.”

However, Tarot.com points out that the Moon square to Saturn could force us to call it an early night.

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