Curve model who felt ‘fat and disgusting’ at size 8 is now thriving at size 18

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A plus-sized model has shared how she learnt to love the skin she’s in – as well as her tips for body acceptance.

Pearl Froud, 23, is a full-time model and content creator from Surrey, UK, who turned to modelling during the pandemic.

She’s taking the industry by storm, having already worked for the brands In The style, JD Sports, Fat Face and Chi Chi London.

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The bombshell is also empowering women online with her body positivity content – but it was a long journey for her to get here.

Pearl spoke exclusively to the Daily Star about how while she hasn’t overcome all of her own insecurities, it’s about faking it until you make it.

“I think if you have suffered with body image at one point in your life it will never disappear,” she explained.

“Although body image focuses on your physical appearance, it has everything to do with your mind. When I was a UK size eight I felt fat and disgusting, I had fallen from a size 16 to a size eight in about nine months.

“It was incredibly unhealthy, I thought my mind would stop torturing me when I was smaller because that was what I thought I wanted.”

Because all her friends who were that size looked amazing she thought she would too – but when she reached her goal she says she had never felt more miserable and obsessive with her appearance.

But when the model was a size 20 she realised she’d never felt more content in her life.

It wasn’t until her body “looked like everything I hated” that she started to realise her body wasn’t the problem to begin with.

Pearl continued: “[The problem] was my mind and the way I allowed myself and society to speak to me in such negative and abusive ways.

“I’m sure I share many physical features with most people, I chose to show my lumps and bumps not to highlight them or to make a statement but because I want to exist peacefully with my body and not fight it.

“If you’re celebrating a body part or shaming a body part, you’re still highlighting it! Which can be just as damaging and obsessive.

Pearl has made great strides when it comes to accepting her body for the way it is.

She loves herself more now as a size 18 compared to when she was a size eight.

“It’s funny because I had a conversation with my mum yesterday and I was talking about how I feel more confident in a tiny bikini than a full coverage one,” she said.

“I think I’ve gained trust in myself and have accepted how I actually look.

“I’ve learned to love my body and I think if you stick to your style and use trends to explore your insecurities, eventually you’ll learn a lot about yourself and likely gain a lot of confidence from pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. If you learn to trust your body, you’ll feel good in anything!”

The model went on to explain that she often takes a tough love approach when it comes to body image as she thinks body positivity is something that has become primarily marketable for the fashion industry.

While she appreciates the good that the movement has done for society, she thinks it now has its drawbacks.

She believes it’s been commandeered by the wrong people and has become a new way to marginalise people who don’t look how the fashion industry wants them to.

“So, it is your responsibility to protect yourself from anyone or anything that could harm you either way. I try to take the approach of not hiding through a movement,” she explained.

“Yes, I love all the good body positivity has done for people who have suffered, but I also think it’s important not to feel a need to explain yourself through the blanket that is body positivity.

“I feel so content because I just wear what I want and I post what I want on social media without any explanation needed.”

In the future Pearl hopes women will no longer have to explain themselves when it comes to how they look and dress.

She also looks forward to a time where movements are no longer needed to make people feel safe.

The 23-year-old treats her Instagram as that space for women and she hopes that her posting whatever she feels like without a body positivity banner over the top to make it ‘okay’ inspires others to do the same.

Pearl continued: “Post that sexy pic without a caption explaining to the internet why you feel compelled to post a picture that you feel good in.

“Be strong and be sexy and don’t explain yourself! As women we have always had to explain ourselves, let's at least have one space where we don’t have to.

She added: “My DMs are always open and want you to know that if one day you need reminding how powerful you are please message me.

“I’ll be your hype girl, don’t be afraid of the internet, don’t be afraid of what people might think because they will always have something to say!”

To view Pearl's modelling profile, click here .


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