CoverGirl Launched a New Makeup Collection Made for Women of Color

CoverGirl knows that a 40-shade foundation range isn’t nearly enough — when it comes to inclusivity and diversity in beauty products, other products and color options matter just as much.

The new 12-piece Full Spectrum collection was made to meet the specific needs of women of color. In addition to adding 20 new shades of liquid matte foundation and 12 shades of a new powder foundation, Full Spectrum also offers new color cosmetics, like lipstick, eyeliner, and eyeshadow, in gorgeous, rich, and bold pigments designed to pop against medium and dark skin tones, as well as cheek and contouring palettes.

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Another exciting addition to Full Spectrum is a matte skin primer, which preps the skin for foundation application, extends its wear, and provides protection from the sun with an invisible SPF.

According to Refinery29, the new line was even developed by a team of women of color who spent nearly two years measuring darker skin tones against the formulas, as well as surveying their needs and desires when it came to product performance, finishes, and colors. 

Staying true to the brand’s mission to provide quality but affordable products to all women, nothing in the line tops $13.50. You can pick up the line now in Ulta, where it’s available exclusively until early 2019. Starting in February, Full Spectrum will rollout in drugstores nationwide. 

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