Couple Has a Kitten Hour Instead of a Cocktail Hour at Their Wedding — and It's Purrfect!

A Washington cat-loving couple had the most pawsome kitten hour during their wedding with the help of some furry friends!

Iz and Colleen, who are self-declared “crazy, head-over-heels cat people,” knew when they tied the knot, they wanted to include their favorite house pets somehow. 

Although the pair owned two older rescue cats together, the pets wouldn’t be able to attend their big day because of their special needs.

But that didn’t stop Iz and Colleen from finding another way to bring some cats to their nuptial celebrations. The couple of five years held a kitten hour at their wedding in place of the traditional cocktail hour.

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During the 60-minute period — while Iz and Colleen took photos with their family — party-goers were treated to snuggles, purrs, and loving from six of Seattle Animal Shelter’s kittens.

“We love our cats very much, and wanted to bring a little of their spirit to the celebration,” Colleen told Buzzfeed. “We wanted guests to have something to do during the family [picture]-taking time, and were too broke to have a cocktail hour.”

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Captured by wedding photographer Kendall Lauren Shea, the partygoers relished in the time snuggling the tiny felines, often holding them close to their chests and faces.

“Guests loved the kittens, and lots of people told us that every wedding should have a mandatory kitten hour,” Colleen told Buzzfeed.

Prior to their big day, Iz and Colleen made a donation to the shelter and asked their guests to do the same as their wedding present. “When else are you going to be able to summon kittens for your pleasure, and make a donation to a great organization?” Colleen said to Buzzfeed.

They also ensured that the kittens were “handled safely” and “not overstimulated” during the celebration, adding that the “the welfare of the kittens was considered first and foremost.”

In order to do this, Iz and Colleen explained that the most social kittens were chosen to attend the party and shelter volunteers kept an eye on them, promptly leaving after the hour was up.

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So did the newlyweds celebrate by bringing a new addition to their family? As adorable as the kittens were, the couple said they had to refrain, being careful not to disrupt the lives of their other cats.

Even though Iz and Colleen did take any home, all six of the kittens have been since been adopted. And despite having the young felines at their wedding, the couple believes that people shouldn’t immediately rule out adult cats when adopting.

“I’d encourage anyone looking to adopt a cat to look at the grown-ups first for the calmer, and just [an] adorable companionship,” they told the news outlet.

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