Colton Underwood Wipes His Twitter Page Clean Just Days Before His ‘Bachelor’ Premiere

Colton Underwood’s journey as ABC’s The Bachelor begins airing on Monday, January 7, and this is usually a time when everybody involved is doing a lot of promotion for the new season. However, earlier this week, Underwood surprised his Twitter followers by wiping his page clean and leaving just one post that seemed to signal he was leaving the social media site, at least for now.

So far, Colton Underwood hasn’t explained what was behind his decision to delete all of his tweets. However, some Bachelor fans wonder if the sudden deletions might have had something to do with gossip guru Reality Steve.

As TV Guide details, all of this social media chaos started earlier this week. Colton was tweeting some fairly random, vague things and gossip king Reality Steve started to tweet similar things. While he didn’t specifically explain, it looked as if Steve was mostly trying to just have a bit of fun at Underwood’s expense. Most of the tweets were pretty basic, but things did soon seem to escalate a bit.

On Thursday, Reality Steve posted a podcast where he broke down all of his Bachelor spoilers for the season. This podcast included some revisions to how things supposedly end for Underwood during this journey to find love, as well as details about the eliminations and several contestants who reportedly left on their own during filming, per the Inquisitr.

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My big baby

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Not long after the podcast became available, Underwood took to his Twitter page and simply posted “Wrong.” While he didn’t reference Reality Steve’s Bachelor spoilers, most followers seemed to infer that Colton was trying to say that there was something about those spoilers that the gossip king got wrong.

Thursday evening, Reality Steve tweeted about how “he,” clearly Colton, seemingly can’t help himself. He added that it’s going to be a long season and that Underwood seems to “protest too much.” Basically, the gossip king was saying that the Bachelor star is a bit too thin-skinned and it’s going to be a long season if he lets everything bother him as much as it would appear he often does.

Less than an hour later, Steve tweeted “Delete! Delete! Delete!” without further explanation. However, his followers quickly discovered that Underwood had deleted every single post from his Twitter page and that was obviously what the gossip blogger was referencing.

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“I know you can’t tell me how it ends… but are you happy?”

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For now, the only tweet still up on Underwood’s page is one he put up after he deleted everything else and it simply contains a peace sign. It would appear that he’s going to try to take a break from the social media page for now, but Bachelor fans have a hunch that it won’t last terribly long. At this point, his Instagram page seems to remain untouched.

While Colton has plenty of fans who are excited to see him as the Bachelor lead and are rooting for him to find love, he’s also got plenty of critics who think he’s a bit thirsty for fame and attention. Many will be interested to see how long Colton Underwood stays off of Twitter and what happens when he does eventually return.

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