Class Ring Lost 30 Years Ago Finds Its Way Back To Original Owner

Jim Biehl lost his class ring almost 30 years ago, but he gets it back after all this time.

A 1989 class ring has made quite the journey over the last 30 years. The ring, which was originally purchased by Jim Biehl in Parma, Ohio, ended up lost in Parma, Michigan for almost 30 years before eventually making its way back to its original owner, according to a story by News 5 Cleveland.

Biehl only owned his class ring for about a year before losing it on a church trip to Michigan. While on his journey, he found himself in Parma, Michigan, which is where his ring would meet its fate.

“I woke up one morning to move on to the next destination of our trip, the next leg, and couldn’t find it,” Biehl said. “Hadn’t seen hide nor hair of it since then,” he added.

Biehl sounds like he was a little concerned as he spent the next couple of years looking for the ring on and off, but he just couldn’t quite manage to track it down.

The craziest part of the story isn’t that the ring was found and returned after 30 years, though. What’s actually more interesting is that the ring was found shortly after Biehl lost it. A woman named Linda Risner, who lives in the area where the ring was lost, found it and has held onto it this whole time.

Over the last three decades, she’s attempted to find the owner of the ring on and off, but she kept coming up short in her quest.

However, Risner turned to Facebook to finally find the ring’s owner. She found the Parma Senior High School Alumni Association Facebook Page and posted “Found class ring 1989. Jim Biehl call…” with contact information listed.

“She indicated she had the ring for quite some time and has been trying to reunite it with its owner and every time she tried she ran into a roadblock,” Biehl said.

When the ring was returned, it came with an interesting note from Linda Risner. The note provided some context as to why she’d put in so much effort over so many years to help out a stranger with just a piece of jewelry.

In describing the note, Biehl said, “her husband had given his high school ring to their son and kind of passed it on. It got me thinking, it’s not a stupid little piece of jewelry. It’s something I can pass on to my kids when my time is long and done.”

Unfortunately, the ring doesn’t fit quite as well as it did when Biehl was 17-years-old, but he plans on having it re-sized so he can wear it.

He summed up his thoughts by saying, “The only thing I can say is, ‘thank you’ and it doesn’t even seem to scratch the surface being able to show [the] proper amount of gratitude.”

Biehl also said that the ring serves as a reminder that there are still good people in the world.

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