Christmas food mash-ups Brits are loving this year – like mince pies and ketchup

Christmas is here, which means you're allowed to stuff your face and not feel guilty about it.

The festive season can often be traditional with a big turkey dinner and all the trimmings usually everyone's go-to.

But as many kick up a fuss about Yorkshire pudding at Christmas, it turns out Brits are really mixing it up this year.

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We're talking Brussels sprouts with maple syrup and mince pies with ketchup…

Now in an exclusive chat with Lifesum's nutritionist, Signe Svanfeldt revealed the bizarre mash-ups of this season.

So brace yourselves readers as there's some really rogue combinations.

Shortbreads flavoured with lemon and thyme

Right saddle up as this year's trend is shortbreads flavoured with lemon and thyme.

This is the perfect snack if you can't make your mind about sweet or savoury foods.

Using a herb might sound strange with the sweet shortbread, but it's a surprisingly tasty combination.

Brussels sprouts with maple syrup

You either love them or hate them.

But this year you can give the green things a sweet twist as roasting sprouts in maple syrup brings out a nice flavour.

It brings a perfect match of sweet and savoury, making it the ultimate dish to bring to the Christmas table.

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Yorkshire pudding with berries and mint

That's if you have Yorkshire pudding with your Christmas dinner, why not throw some berries and mint this year?

Serve it with some low-fat Greek yogurt for additional creaminess and protein.

Mince pies with ketchup

This sounds like a really odd combination but with the sweet ketchup, it goes well with savoury spicy pies.

Just make sure you go for tomato sauce without added sugar.

Roasted potatoes with parmesan cheese and thyme

These tasty potatoes are made in the oven with salt, shredded parmesan cheese and thyme on top.

They become super crispy and tasty – a perfect addition to the Christmas table!

In terms of any wacky ideas you can try this Christmas, we've got a list for you!

  • Chocolate mousse made of silken tofu: This mousse mixed with tofu and dark chocolate can be delicious. It's much lower in both sugar and saturated fats which traditional chocolate mousses are quite high in. And an additional benefit is that it is high in protein from the tofu – as well as calcium!
  • Shredded carrots in overnight oats: Add some orange veggies in your overnight oats with cinnamon and cardamom. It'll make your breakfast taste like carrot cake!
  • Spinach in your Christmas pancakes: When making a pancake batter, mix in some baby spinach – and you will get green pancakes – brilliant for kids who aren't keen on eating vegetables!
  • Black beans in your Christmas smoothie: It might sound odd, but adding black beans to a smoothie, such as the Black bean chocolate smoothie in the Lifesum app, is a perfect match! The beans make the smoothie creamy, filling and filled with fibre, magnesium and calcium!

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