Chrissy Metz on What She Loves Most About Playing Kate on This Is Us: "She's an Everywoman"

Image Source: Turbo

When Chrissy Metz first scored the role of Kate Pearson on This Is Us, she was a struggling actress living in LA with only 81 cents left in her bank account. Now she’s on a hit TV series, she’s been nominated for two Golden Globes, and she’s making a real connection with fans through her character. I recently had a chance to sit down with the actress during the promotion of her partnership with Turbo’s #RealMoneyTalk, and she discussed how her life has changed since booking This Is Us.

Looking back, Metz admitted that she had mixed emotions when she got the role of Kate. While she said it was like “a huge weight lifted off of you to feel validated in what you’ve been pursuing for so long,” there was also the worry that the pilot wouldn’t be well-received with audiences. “There’s all of these emotions,” she explained. “You’re happy, you’re excited, and then you wait.”

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