Chinese Blockbuster ‘Detective Chinatown 3’ To Roll Out In 150+ U.S. Cinemas

Detective Chinatown 3, the threequel to the mega-grossing action-comedy franchise, is set to receive a significant North American release with Warner Bros planning to engage 150+ theatres as well as IMAX sites.

The previous two films grossed $660m in China alone, with the second film scoring $540m of that total in 2018, making it the sixth most successful film in China of all time.

Those big-grossing Chinese releases don’t typically break out internationally but the second film did take $2m in North America, also via Warner Bros, opening in around 115 theatres.

Now, the studio is betting it can surpass that total with the new film, and is giving it one of the widest releases of a Mandarin-language film in North America in recent years.

The pic rolls out on January 24, day-and-date with the film’s release in China via Wanda Pictures, which is timed to coincide with Chinese New Year, typically one of China’s biggest-grossing days at the box office.

As we revealed last week, the film is also receiving a UK release at the same time.

In the third movie, again written and directed by Sicheng Chen, Chinatown detectives Tang Ren and Qin Feng head to Tokyo to join Japanese investigator Noda Hiroshi on a high-profile case involving the murder of a powerful businessman.

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