Charlotte Wilder: You Don't Have to Be 'Die-Hard Sports Fan' Enjoy Season 2 of The Wilder Project

Attention sports fans — and, well, non-sports fans.

Charlotte Wilder is back with another season of her hit SI TV series The Wilder Project, and she’s promising more laughs than ever — and that you don’t have to be a football nut to enjoy it.

“It’s very exciting for me — this is the second season and it’s a loosely based in sports but it transcends sports. It dips into comedy and pop culture and it’s really just based on my voice which, I think is different because I want to give people what they aren’t getting enough of from sports media,” she tells PEOPLE.

The Wilder Project explores the world of sports through comedy, special guests, and fun insight from Wilder. Its second season debuts on Wednesday.

“I don’t think there are a ton of women with their own shows based in comedy and sports,” says Wilder, “and that’s been something that’s really cool, to me that SI has given me a platform for and I’m just trying to do it the best I can and do that justice.”

Wilder — who worked at places including and USA Today before joining Sports Illustrated — says carving a path for herself in a male-dominated industry is “not always easy.”

“I definitely had to prove myself in a way that I think is different from the challenges men face, because it is so male-dominated and especially, you know, trying to do both sports and comedy — it’s like you picked the two most male-dominated media areas,” she explains to PEOPLE, adding, “but that makes it more rewarding for me, you know, when I can succeed in this and where I can pave my own way.”

So what can viewers expect from season two? Well, Wilder teases, “We’re changing things up.”

“We’ve been traveling around the country filming in-the-field segments, so every episode has a feature in it,” she details.

Some of those interviewed? Jeff Fisher, the former coach of the Los Angeles Rams, who teaches Wilder to fly fish in episode 1. “I debated the all-time biggest sports questions with the muppets from Sesame Street,” Wilder details. “I did nine novelty hot dogs with the chef of the Diamondbacks out in Arizona.”

Wilder tells PEOPLE, “I think we are kind of coming out guns blazing and I’m really thrilled about how it’s all shaping up.”

The host promises that though the show is based in the sports world, anyone can tune in. “Not everyone is a die-hard sports fan but everyone can relate to the human side of sports and of this industry,” she says. “It’s really cool to be able to bring people in and be like ‘Hey, this is a sports show that you’re going to be able to understand because I’m gonna guide you through it and I’m not gonna let you feel lost.’ “

In episode 1 — out now — Wilder also chats with sportscaster Kay Adams of Good Morning Football. Things derail into laughter quickly, as evidenced by an exclusive PEOPLE clip.

The Wilder Project is available on SI TV (

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