Celebrity facialist's tricks to look after skin during party season

How to fix your ‘hangover’ skin: Celebrity facialist reveals her tricks for hiding the tell-tale signs of a big night out – and her five-step festive season regime

  • Melanie Grant looks after Victoria Beckham and Kim Kardashian’s skin
  • She shared her five-step regime to stop a hangover showing on your face
  • Melanie recommends an ice plunge to completely de-puff the skin
  • She also said a 15-20 minute face mask will help with  

Celebrity facialist Melanie Grant has revealed her five-step regime for glowing skin this party season – even if you’re hungover or feeling lacklustre after little sleep.

The Sydney-based skincare expert – who has been dubbed a ‘saviour’ by the likes of Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian and Jessica Gomes – said even if you feel terrible, your skin doesn’t have to show it.

‘My cure-all for all hungover skin is an ice plunge,’ Melanie told FEMAIL.

‘It’s an age-old remedy, but it always works a treat, it’s free and you can do it wherever you are in the world.’

Celebrity facialist Melanie Grant (pictured) has revealed her five-step regime for glowing skin this party season – even if you’re hungover or feeling lacklustre after little sleep

To conduct an ice plunge at home, Melanie recommends you fill a large bowl with cold water from the refrigerator, add a couple of ice cubes and plunge your face into the water.

Do this for 5-10 seconds at time, repeat 10 times, and then add your serum and moisturiser to your face.

‘Ice plunges move stagnant lymph fluid, they constrict capillaries and contract dilated pores leaving the skin awakened, refreshed and radiant,’ Melanie said.

If your skin feels tight after an ice plunge, do not worry. 

Just make sure to hydrate it with plenty of moisturiser after the plunge.

Melanie’s (pictured) top tip for hungover skin is an ice plunge, which she does regularly in order to de-puff her skin. She follows this with eye masks to hydrate

When it comes to the skincare expert’s five-step regime for a glowing complexion, whether you’re hungover or not, Melanie said many of the tried-and-tested approaches work.

‘First up, cleanse. It’s an oldie but a goodie – you should never sleep in your makeup,’ Melanie said.

Even if it’s just a quick sweep of micellar water with a cotton pad, make sure you cleanse when you get in from an event.

‘Your cells regenerate overnight, so cleansing beforehand assists in preventing accelerated ageing, free radical damage and blocked pores, and allows your skin to heal and repair as it should.’

‘The festive season is a busy time for all of us and stress can really dry out your complexion,’ Melanie (pictured with Phoebe Tonkin) said

Next, Melanie said you need to think about hydration.

‘The festive season is a busy time for all of us and stress can really dry out your complexion,’ Melanie said.

What are Melanie’s five steps to glowing skin during the festive season? 

1. CLEANSE: Even if it’s just a sweep of micellar water, make sure you cleanse before you go to bed.

2. HYDRATE: Add a hyaluronic acid serum to your regime to quench and plump the skin.

3. ACIDS: Add AHAs to help refine, clarify, brighten and renew your complexion.

4. MASK: Melanie does a mask while she is cooking dinner as this is a great way to de-puff and energise the complexion.

5. FLUSH: Drink plenty of clean and filtered water during the festive season, and add lemon, cucumber and mint for extra hydration.

A hyaluronic acid serum is a great idea for quenching and plumping your skin to give it an elastic, radiant finish.

‘Either use it as your primary serum in the mornings, or layer it underneath another antioxidant serum for an extra boost of moisture,’ she said.

The third step in Melanie’s failsafe party regime is you incorporate an acid.

‘AHAs are a really effective way of refining, clarifying, brightening and renewing the complexion without any downtime,’ she explained. 

After this, she loves a ‘chef’s special’ mask, which she applies for 10-15 minutes while she throws together dinner.

‘Masks are an incredibly effective – and convenient – way to plump, de-puff and energise the complexion without too much effort,’ Melanie said.

 Finally, she drinks lots of clean, filtered water throughout late November and December, throwing in a few slices of lemon for vitamin C and enzymes, as well as cucumber and mint to rehydrate and soothe inflammation. 

The facialist (pictured) uses AHA cleansers and acids, as well as a hyaluronic acid serum to replenish her complexion if she has been drinking

What are Melanie’s top products for good skin?

1. Chanel Le Lift Eye Patches.

2. Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02.

3. iS Clinical Pro Heal Serum.

4. Medik8 r-Retionate. 

Melanie also shared the skin products she swears by for glowing skin throughout December, which include Chanel eye patches, a cult French product and a night-time serum.

‘The Chanel Le Lift Eye Patches are a godsend when it comes to puffiness, dark circles and fine lines over the delicate eye contour,’ she said.

‘While the Biologique Recherche Masque VIP 02 counteracts the dulling effects of pollution, while drawing oxygen into the skin.’

The expert said that while it might sound simple, the most important thing with party skin is that you clean it – and well.

‘Active cleansers that contain AHAs and detoxifying agents refine and detoxify in one step for a perfectly prepared base,’ she said.

Try to also make time to exfoliate, to minimise the appearance of pores, prevent dullness and boost blood flow to the skin.

For more information about Melanie Grant, visit her website here

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