Celebrations advent calendar branded ‘cruel joke’ after door No.2 treat revealed

The makers behind Celebrations have come under fire for the second day running for their choice of advent calendar treats.

People have been left outraged after discovering the chocolate behind door number two of their advent calender is a Snickers.

Mars Incorporated – the company which makes the chocolates – also came under fire from Twitter users yesterday for its choice of advent calendar treat for December 1.

Many chocolate lovers were fuming after unveiling a mini Bounty chocolate for the first day of the Christmas countdown.

Christmas is now ‘cancelled’ according to some users who have never been so disappointed in their life.

There have also been varying emotions ranging from anger, disappointment and even heartbreak.

Charlotte Elliot said: "A bounty on day one… a snickers on day two… what have we done for you to hate us so much world? celebrations advent adventcalendar SnickersUK"

Twitter user @DannysLifestyle said: "Number 2 in my Celebrations Advent Calendar is a Snickers and honestly at this point it’s just a cruel joke."

Lucy Gaddes said: "Bounty in first door and snickers in the second, celebrations advent calendar is really doing me dirty."

Meanwhile @Cazxxxx was also unhappy with the choice and said: "Shoutout to Celebrations for making the first 2 chocolates in the advent calendars the worst 2 EVER! Bounty followed by a snickers…no thanks."

The same could be said for @Megamanzero11 who tweeted: "At least it’s not a f**king snickers."

Louise Rankin Cowles will be in for a shock today after tweeting yesterday: "Could of been worse could of been a snickers Celebrations."

Clare Smith added: "#Celebrations you had chance to redeem yourself after yesterday’s Bounty, but nooooo…day 2= Snickers!!!!"

Snickers consist of nougat topped with caramel and peanuts that has been enrobed in milk chocolate.

It is often the last chocolate left behind in a tub of Celebrations, much like the Bounty, a coconut variation produced by the company.

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