Cats and Dogs in Ugly Christmas Sweaters

On the first day of Christmas, my true love gave to me, the most awful sweater I’ve ever seen!

He’s not technically wearing a sweater, but ugly Christmas elf shoes count, right?

You know it’s bad when she tries to lick the sweater off.

Fine – I’m playing dead until you disrobe me.

Mom, I promise, it’s not that cold outside.

They can’t even look you in the face right now, they’re so embarrassed.

Is this a “so ugly it’s cute,” or just a “so ugly it’s ugly”?

Read my lips: No new Christmas sweaters.

Why, Mom, why?

Sitting here so that you can never have your knitting spot back, ever again.

He’s trying very hard to keep his cool about this.

The headband, too? Was that really necessary?

She’s only smiling because she’s blind.

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