Cat transforms from ‘ugly goblin’ to ‘adorable kitty’ after getting new home

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A cat's remarkable transformation has melted everyone's hearts on Reddit.

The adorable little feline went from an "ugly goblin" to an "adorable kitty", according to the user.

A before and after snap of the cat was shared by u/burgpug – and it left everyone amazed.

In the caption, the person said: "My cat Worms and his transformation. From ugly goblin larva to handsome boy."

The first snap shows the skinny cat grabbing onto his owner's hands as he glared in the distance with his beady eyes.

Meanwhile a second photo shows the black cat looking much healthier and bigger.

And it's no surprise that Reddit users were left admiring the adorable little thing as the post racked up 2,000 upvotes.

One wrote: "Let him know I would die for him," while another added: "From chaos gremlin to distinguished void prince."

A third commented: "Aw, I think he was an adorable kitty."

While a fourth agreed, adding: "Aww, he turned out so handsome."

And this isn't the first cat we've seen in recent months that left melted everyone's hearts on social media.

Previously, a man who found a kitten in a river gave him a new home.

Earlier this month, the user wrote: "Boyfriend found kitten in river… help!

"I got him some formula and wet food. He's not really eating or drinking and hasn't gone to the bathroom.

"He's sweet and playful though. How old does he look?"

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And the owner gave fans another update to the adorable pet.

In fact, the couple who rescued the abandoned kitten shared an "amazing" transformation.

In a Reddit post, the user provided more updates as fans have been eager to know about River's progress.

And in the upload there are five images showing the little cutie enjoying some time in his new home.

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