Carly Rae Jepsen’s ‘Party For One’ is a must-listen anthem for self-love

Carly Rae Jepsen has been responsible for some of the decade’s best pop music so far, and with her new single “Party For One,” she’s showing no signs of stopping.

The song arrived Thursday, accompanied by a perfect music video, both aglow in post-breakup euphoria. Over a jaunty marimba beat, Jepsen laments how her lover doesn’t want her anymore — but she’s over it by the time the chorus of manic synths rolls around, as she decides to be her own lover instead.

The music video brilliantly illustrates the song’s self-love mantra by showing Jepsen and a host of other characters alone in their respective hotel rooms, as they watch TV, cry, dance, strip down to their underwear and — in Jepsen’s case — order to-go boxes of expensive shoes.

The single is Jepsen’s first new song since she released “Cut To The Feeling” in May 2017. Jepsen has alluded in interviews to a new album being in the works, the long-awaited followup to her instant-classic “Emotion” in 2015 and her accompanying release of the album’s B-sides in 2016.

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