Brits take to Twitter to share the amusing things on their buck list

An awfully British bucket list! From owning an umbrella that doesn’t break to never queuing again in Primark people reveal what they REALLY want to achieve in life

  • Twitter users from across the UK shared the little things that they’re dreaming of 
  • The amusing checklists were posted with the hashtag #AwfullyBritishBucketList
  • Homegrown suggestions included afternoon tea with baking idol Mary Berry

While some people dream of swimming with dolphins or scaling Everest, Twitter users have been revealing some rather more modest aspirations on their bucket list. 

The humorous checklists were posted with the Twitter hashtag #AwfullyBritishBucketList, which quickly started trending as Brits shared aspirations such as owning a functioning umbrella. 

Others wanted to see cheese and onion crisps instated in green packets ‘where they belong’, while one man is creaming of seeing the ‘end of the DFS sale’, while others want an end to queueing  in Primark.  

From going a whole day without mentioning the weather to dreaming of a decent umbrella, social media users from across the UK shared the little things that they’re dreaming of.

Here, FEMAIL shares a selection of the best examples…

A person, based in the UK, dreams of getting a decent umbrella as Twitter users share some amusing homegrown suggestions for the British bucket list

A London-based Twitter user wishes to make it through a tube journey without apologising to anyone as she tweets to the #AwfullyBritishBucketList thread

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A British social media user shares one of her bucket list desires, revealing she’s love to meet baking idol Mary Berry for a spot of afternoon tea 

A woman, based in the UK, amusingly admitted that she would like to go a whole day without Brexit being mentioned

A British man wants to go a day without doing a grimace to passersby as he fears smiling publicly will make him look like a ‘maniac’

One person, believed to be based in the UK, wants to find out what happened on the fishing trip mentioned on sitcom Gavin and Stacey, between Bryn West and his nephew Jason

With the weather often being completely unpredictable, one British person would love to do a spot of gardening when it’s guaranteed not to rain

Iconic British sitcom Keeping Up Appearances was mentioned by many social media users sharing the hashtag, as the main character’s name was Mrs Bucket

One person shared a photograph of an amusing London Underground Service Information board which suggested that any British bucket list should just include a bucket of wine

This British woman created a humorous checklist for the thread which included not having to queue at Primark and actually saying if there was something wrong with a dish at a restaurant

One British woman had high aspirations as she dreamed of drinking a whole cup of tea from a Sports Direct mug before it went cold

A man, apparently from the UK, suggested that anyone’s British bucket list should include a dream of being the fifth member of The Beatles 

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