Brits share top 30 hacks for making the nation green

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It also emerged 58 percent believe they live a green lifestyle and have done so for an average of 20 months – just over a year-and-a-half.

Yet 55 percent still want to up their eco game and start to make good choices for the planet.

When it comes to being more eco-friendly and looking beyond the obvious – such as recycling plastic, which 46 percent now do regularly – other first steps included walking instead of driving (39 percent) and avoiding unnecessary travel (34 percent)

The research was commissioned by Yeo Valley Organic, which uses regenerative farming in its practices.

Spokesperson Beth Jones, said: “It’s more important than ever to learn new green habits, and we love sharing good choices for both people and the planet.

“Our research reveals how people are re-evaluating their water usage habits, for example, and having shorter showers and washing clothes on a cold temperature to reduce their impact on the planet.

“What’s especially great about a lot of the green habits many Brits are already incorporating into their everyday routine is as well as having a positive impact on people’s health and the planet, they’re also clever ways to save money amid the rising cost of living.

“Turning off the lights when you’re not in a room, reaching for a jumper before the thermostat when you’re cold, walking short distances instead of burning through your fuel tank – these things are all good choices for people and the planet.”

The study also found 44 percent believe it’s difficult to live a green lifestyle compared to only 12 percent who believe it’s easy.

A lack of understanding around how to live a green lifestyle may be to blame, with more than a quarter (26 percent) feeling there is not enough education around being sustainable.

Almost two thirds (63 percent) of those polled via OnePoll agreed if everyone incorporated a few sustainable habits into their everyday routine, it would make a massive difference.

Three in 10 adults (31 percent) have shared tips with others on how to live a greener lifestyle.

And individuals have looked to TV shows (26 percent), social media (24 percent) and friends (24 percent) for inspiration. 

Top motivations for becoming greener have included saving money (39 percent), feeling guilty for past habits (25 percent) and becoming a parent (24 pe cent) or grandparent (21 percent).

Beth Jones added: “It’s promising to see that people are already switching to organic as part of their personal journey towards a greener lifestyle.

“As one of Britain’s largest organic brands, it’s important to us to provide people with more opportunities to choose organic as part of their sustainability aims.

“What better time to start making good choices than Organic September?”


  1. Turn off lights/switches when not in the room   
  2. Use bags for life at supermarkets             
  3. Put on more layers rather than turn the heating on
  4. Cut down plastic usage
  5. Use reusable water bottles         
  6. Walk short distances rather than drive   
  7. Buy fruit and veg loose rather than packed in plastic       
  8. Take quicker showers    
  9. Grow fruit and veg          
  10. Cut back on meat            
  11. Only wash clothes if they looked dirty    
  12. Wash clothes on a cold wash      
  13. Collect rainwater for plants e.g. a water butt       
  14. Shop second hand          
  15. Compost food   
  16. Take less flights                      
  17. Use reusable coffee cups                     
  18. Shower less            
  19. Upcycle clothes
  20. Label recycling bins        
  21. Bought organic food      
  22. Upcycle furniture            
  23. Swap to a reusable razor rather than disposable                
  24. Avoid using cotton buds               
  25. Gone vegetarian or vegan            
  26. Swap to a bamboo toothbrush  
  27. Car share            
  28. Made plant pots out of plastic bottles    
  29. Shop in zero waste shops             
  30. Follow an organic diet

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