Brits baffled by new build’s security gate – but can you spot the massive flaw? | The Sun

A SECURITY gate has left Brits baffled by its very odd design. The gate appears to be giving out very mixed messages to potential burglars.

The tall security gate on what looks to be a new build property at first glance certainly looks like it would be sturdy enough to keep any potential intruders out.

But as some security-minded Brits have pointed out, the design of the gate also looks like it could give them a leg up.

The gate is attached to a frame that is secured to brick walls on either side, with an intercom panel sitting within the frame.

But the design of the gate itself looks like it could offer any potential intruders an easy way of gaining access to the property.

A picture of the gate was shared by 'Design Fails' on Twitter, with the caption "security gate that doubles as a ladder" and many users were quick to agree.

The post has been shared over 5,000 times with some witty observations, one user commented: "The material used IRONY"

And another said: "When you invest in tech and forget the basics"

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Whilst another called the gate a "Joy to any thief"

Some users commented that they thought the gate could be "electrified".

Whilst someone suggested it could be a "set up" suggesting any potential intruder could be "met by the growls of angry dogs".

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