Brie Larson and Elijah Wood Are Among the Celebrities You Might Run Into in 'Animal Crossing: New Horizons'

As Coronavirusquarantines continue to envelop much of the United States, video game fanshave taken to gaming platforms to fill their days. The much-anticipated releaseof  AnimalCrossing: New Horizons has helped ease the quarantine blues formillions of people around the world, and celebrities are no different. Thereare several prominent celebrities currently grinding for bells on their ownprivate tropical islands, and they are even popping up as visitors for regularcitizens.

Brie Larson and Elijah Wood are both enjoying the game

Brie Larson was the first celebrity to share her love of the game with fans. Larson took to Instagram to let everyone know she was hugely excited about the Animal Crossing: New Horizons’ release. In fact, Larson let everyone know that she played the previous incarnation of the game as a child. Larson has been busy grinding in-game since its release, and she even got a chance to check out the game ahead of its public release date. According to Elle, Larson’s love of video games runs deep. She told the publication that she has always had a Nintendo console at the ready.  

Larson isn’t the only celebrity who is enamored with the game. Elijah Wood has also been spending his time in quarantine working on his island. Wood responded to a tweet about turnip prices and turned up on a player’s island. The National reported that Wood stopped by, sold his turnips, and asked if he could pick some fruit before heading home to his own island. It’s unknown if he dropped some loot for his host on his way out, though.

Guy Fieri might be playing Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Animal Crossing: New Horizons may have the Mayor ofFlavortown as a fan. Guy Fieri, famed for his role on Diners,Drive-Ins, and Dives, took to Twitter to let his fans know he is fullyaware of trends. On April 13, the TV personality tweeted an image of an AnimalCrossing avatar. The avatar, clad in a shirt with flame graphics, looks suspiciouslysimilar to Fieri.

Fans, however, note that Fieri’s screengrab doesn’t seem tocome from Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Instead, Twitter users claimthat Fieri’s graphic is from a different incarnation of the video game. His photois reportedly a doctored image from AnimalCrossing: Pocket Camp, a mobile version of the game available for iOSand Android phone users.

Fieri hasn’t chimed back in to clear up the confusion. Itdoes seem possible that he’s playing the new game, though. It’s equally likelythat his kids are currently playing the hit simulation game.  Fierishares two children with his wife, Lori.

Chrissy Teigen hated an in-game Animal Crossing: New Horizons character

Chrissy Teigen is a huge fan of theNintendo Switch. Months ago, the beloved TV personality asked fans for gamerecommendations, and she’s regularly mentioned her gaming preferences eversince. While Teigen seems to be enjoying the chance to build her digital islandparadise, there is one thing she’s not playing around with; Teigen hated Zipperthe Bunny.

Zipper was an in-game character that showed up on everyone’s island around Easter. The Easter event forced players to build ridiculous crafts that utilized the millions of candy Easter eggs that popped up around their islands. Teigen didn’t have time for all that. She threatened to kill Zipper by drowning him in the river on her island. Animal Crossing: New Horizons doesn’t allow players to kill characters they don’t like, which was fortunate for Zipper.  

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