Bridezilla said I'm entitled for wanting my child to nap in her room

I’m maid of honour at my friend’s wedding and will be helping out from 6am so I asked if my daughter can nap in her suite – she’s furious and telling everyone I’m entitled

  • Anonymous woman revealed on Mumsnet that her friend is being a Bridezilla
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A woman has provoked fury online after revealing how she is maid of honour for an upcoming wedding – and the bride is making her life difficult.

The anonymous women, who is thought to be UK-based, took to parenting forum Mumsnet to share her story.

In a post simply titled ‘Wedding drama’, she revealed she spent more than £2,000 on the hen night, covering the bride’s expenses, and is forking out for her own dress.

But the bride-to-be is angry with her for asking whether her very young daughter would be able to take an afternoon nap in the honeymoon suite while the married couple is taking photos.

Since the conversation, the bride has been constantly recounting the story, and calling the woman ‘entitled’ and cheeky.

A woman has revealed that her friend, a bride-to-be, is furious with her for asking whether her daughter could take a quick nap in the honeymoon suite during the wedding (stock image)

The post says: ‘I am the maid of honour for a friend I’ve known since primary school. She has planned and replanned her wedding down to small details since she was 6. She is having three weddings, one in the US and two big ones in London (one will include everyone and the second will include only close friends).

‘I am expected to be in attendance or helping her from 6am that day till the wedding ends in the early hours of the next morning.

‘My husband will be coming with my daughter who just turned three for the church bit from 10am till the end of dinner. She is the flower girl so she cannot come any later. She normally takes her nap at 1pm for approximately one hour after lunch.

‘I know the bride was offered a honeymoon suite so asked if my daughter could nap there for one hour during one of the intermissions. She seemed very upset and said no. 

‘I didn’t take it personally and moved on quickly and booked a hotel room nearby in another building. I figured that she wouldn’t be using it at that time (she will be taking wedding photos) so it may not be a big deal but I didn’t expect her to feel so insulted.

‘She’s been telling everyone how cheeky and entitled I am. She shouldn’t have even been put in such an awkward position. Also she kept emphasising that it’s called the honeymoon suite for a reason and recounts the story every time we meet up as a group. 

‘I asked without thinking and I apologised. I was not offended or upset when she said no but she won’t really let this go. She asked me what kind of tone deaf best friend would ask for the a newly wed couple’s honeymoon suite.

‘I feel like a jerk but I don’t know what I can do since I’ve already apologised. I’ve also organised & spent over two thousand pounds on her hen night. It had all of her dream activities in and she said it was perfect. 

The anonymous woman revealed that she has spent a huge amount of time and money helping her friend plan the wedding

‘I paid for my own bridesmaid dress because she said that the wedding is costing a lot so I offered to cover my own costs so as to not be a burden. 

‘I have also been at her beck and call without complaints re the wedding planning for two years. I’ve attended monthly meetings with her so I’ve also given up a lot of my time. 

‘Am I being unreasonable to think that she should just accept my apology and move on. I was thoughtless. I’ve learned my lesson. I don’t know what else she wants from me.’

Respondents appeared almost unanimous in their condemnation of the bride-to-be and her antics, with one writing: ‘Your friend is awful. No good advice. Has she always been so self centred.’

Another similar response read: ‘Your friend has taken being a Bridezilla to an Olympic Sport level. 3 weddings! Honestly if someone called me cheeky and entitled after giving so much time and effort over the last 2 years I’d be saying enough is enough. Hand over any paperwork, emails whatever ( though god only knows why arrangements are in your name for her wedding) to her and walk away.

‘i didn’t put in this much effort for my own wedding no way I’d do it for someone else’s.’

Many respondents said the friend sounds like a Bridezilla, and she is taking advantage of the woman’s good nature 

And another shared a similarly dim view of the bride, writing: ‘I think it’s really sad you’ve spent so much time, money and mental headspace on this person. That’s all time and effort that could have gone on something for yourself/family time and they money plus have gone on a lovely family holiday! 

‘I genuinely feel sorry for you OP. Your friendship doesn’t need to require SO much from ya and so little from this ‘friend.’ She sounds like a self centered witch. Please start putting yourself first!! You don’t owe her or anyone this much time and money!’

A further respondent wrote: ‘She thinks you’re her admin assistant, not a friend. That’s why she got annoyed about the honeymoon suite.’

And another simply added: ‘Christ I think your friend is the biggest bridezilla I have ever heard of.’

While many were supportive of the woman, some suggested she was being a doormat, or that she should be more assertive in the friendship.

One Mumsnetter said: ‘She saw you coming didn’t she. You need to woman up and tell her straight, that if she mentions it again, she can stick her wedding and honeymoon suite up her a***.’

Another simply added: ‘You are a doormat.’

A similar response said: ‘YABU to be such a doormat.’ 

While many were sympathetic, other suggested that the woman is allowing her friend to take advantage – with some even branding the poster a ‘doormat’

And a further respondent wrote: ‘Stop f/ing apologising. You have already dry needlessly apologised. Just say to her if you don’t drop this I won’t be turning up at the weekend. Don’t you get it? She gets off on you grovelling.’   

A less strongly worded message advised the poster to ensure she isn’t taken advantage of, alongside other advice.

They wrote: ‘I mean it’s probably best to keep your head down and get through it since we are speaking days now but don’t let her be mean to you. She was moderately nice years ago and now this has been literally years of your life she has been in ‘wedding mode’. 

‘I’d guess the other bridesmaids aren’t disorganised…they are distancing themselves so the don’t have to be involved in her drama. You and your DH and little girl come first for you, they are most important. 

‘She has already been mean once not letting her nap there and that’s the first thing that’s got your back up in the years of crazy behaviour. It’s OK to say no to her, you will still have your lovely family around if all goes wrong.’ 

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