BrewDog to release white chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA

Love beer and adore chocolate? Well, the latest boozy collaboration to hit shelves might be your dream come true.

Dutch chocolatier Tony’s Chocolonely has paired up with Scottish craft beer company BrewDog to make an outrageously indulgent beverage.

You may know Tony’s for their super thick chocolate bars, but this collar is sure to bring something totally new to the table.

Back in March, James Watt, CEO of BrewDog, wrote on Twitter: “Very excited about this one!

“@TonysChocoUK_IE is one of our favourite companies [and] we love their mission to make chocolate 100% slave free.

“We are working with them on a collaboration brew, but what should we make?”

Then, on April 8 last week, James tweeted to confirm that a delicious white chocolate and raspberry milkshake IPA would be hitting the shelves.

Can you think of anything more delicious?

Posting a snap of the new beer, it looks to have been names “Tony’s Hopolonely” – very punny!

James noted: “Honoured to be collaborating with one of our all-time favourite companies @TonyChocolonely.

“Their chocolate is incredible [and] we love their mission to make chocolate 100 per cent slave free.

“We are going to be making a white chocolate & raspberry milkshake IPA.”

Like what you see? Then fill your boots…

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The BrewDog CEO shared the news on Linked it, to which the Tony’s Chocolonely CCO, Henk Jan Beltman, said: “Let’s make headway together.

“The honor and pleasure is all ours James Watt.”

Both companies consider sustainability and ethics important to their brand – so they match up well.

We don’t yet know when the beer will be in supermarkets, but here’s hoping it’s in time for summer.

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The NHS advises drinking no more than 14 units per week.

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