Bizarre tampon wine bottle stopper hack that has divided TikTok

We love a life hack as much as the next person, including how to avoid window condensation and some of the more ridiculous ideas presented by Josie Gibson on This Morning.

We thought we'd seen it all, but TikTok user @Caiticray has shown us a new one involving a wine bottle and a tampon which she called an "Impromptu bottle cork".

The video, which has been viewed over 6 million times, shows her finding a new purpose for the humble tampon.

She uses the sanitary product as a lid to keep the wine fresh.

The unique technique left some TikTok viewers in awe. One wrote, "Plz it's such a simple and elegant solution". While others added, "This is genius" and "Why is this not a standard practice".

One person was particularly impressed writing, "This is why women should run the world."

Others joked that they thought the string resembled one celebrity's hairstyle. "Is that Miss Ariana Grande with the side pony?", commented one person.

Others were suitably less convinced by the concept one wrote, "No ma'am".

A Sommelier, who is a wine waiter that is trained and specialised in all aspects of wine, found themselves in the comment section. They added to the discussion saying, "As a Sommelier this is a hard nope. Air can still pass thru the fibres and the wine will be oxidised."

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While it may not be up to professional standard and we're unlikely to see restaurants adapting the technique anytime soon, it's amused us and we praise the creator for their inventiveness.

Kate Middleton is also a fan of life hacks (although presumably not this one) from recycling her outfits to hiding her bra straps and VPLs.

Kate, 39, can often be seen donning stylish outfits while out and about, and no stone is left unturned when it comes to the attention to detail put in to each outfit.

As a result, she's even thought of a way to stop her tights from slipping – by using sticky pads on the bottom of her feet so they stay in her shoes no matter what. Genius!

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