Bin collection: When your bins will be collected this Easter – how to check

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The Easter bank holiday weekend has arrived and for many, the four-day break offers some much-needed time off. Bin collections are just one of the public services that will be affected by reduced working hours, but when can you expect your rubbish and recycling to be collected over the weekend? This is how to find out your local bin collection times.

When will your bins be collected this Easter?

Bin collection times are likely to be affected across the UK this weekend, though some councils will operate rubbish collection timetables as normal.

There is no blanket rule that determines the times and dates of bank holiday bin collections, though most council services are likely to change their operating hours in order to give their workers some time off to enjoy the four-day break.

While hours and dates will differ across the country, disruption should be expected on the following dates:

  • Friday, April 15
  • Saturday, April 16
  • Sunday, April 17
  • Monday, April 18

How to find your local bin collection times

Most local authorities will be operating a reduced or changed service this weekend, though there will be some services that remain unaffected by the bank holiday.

Check your local council website

The best way to check your local timetable is to visit your local council website and check the working hours for the Easter Weekend.


If your local government website is not up to date or is unchanged, you can double-check the timetable using the Rubbish Collection day feature.

This service is available to residents in England and Wales only, though it is very easy to use.

Just type your postcode into the box and hit the green ‘Find’ button.

The site will provide you with a link to your local council website, where you can cross-check your findings with the official Government status.

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Social media

Social media is another great way to access the latest information and notices in your local area.

Many councils will operate either on Twitter or Facebook, so it is worth having a scroll on their most recent posts.

Local forums are another way to access up to date information regarding bin services.

You can connect with other local residents to see what they have found or know about the bank holiday timetable in your postcode.

How will bin collection services vary over the weekend?

In areas where bin collections have been changed, it is likely that today (Friday, April 15) and Easter Monday (April, 18), will be most affected.

For example, Buckinghamshire Council is offering a revised service which will see the existing Friday collection delayed by one day until Saturday, April 16.

This will delay all collections the following week by one day too, with collections now set for:

  • Saturday, April 16 instead of Friday, 15
  • Tuesday, April 19 instead of Monday, 18
  • Wednesday, April 20 instead of Tuesday, 19
  • Thursday, April 21 instead of Wednesday, 20
  • Friday, April 22 instead of Thursday, 21
  • Saturday, April 23 instead of Friday, 22

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