Billy Corgan to Host Benefit Concert for Highland Park Victims

Billy Corgan, best known as the frontman of alt rock group Smashing Pumpkins, will host a benefit concert for recent victims of the recent Highland Park shooting.

Corgan, a resident of Highland Park for over 20 years, announced the concert on Instagram in a post shared on the accounts of Smashing Pumpkins and tea shop Madame Zuzu’s, a local Highland Park business he established in 2020 with his partner Chloe Mendel. In the video, recorded with Mendel outside of Madame Zuzu’s, Corgan said a special charity concert to raise donations for the July 4th Victims Response Fund will occur on July 27.

“About a week ago on July 4th, we had the horrible tragedy here in Highland Park that took so many lives, and has injured so many people and has really affected so many of us as a community,” Corgan said. “So what we wanted to do is on the evening of July 27th, is we’re going to have a very special charity concert.”

The July 4 shooting took place during the Chicago, Ill. suburb’s annual Independence Day parade. Seven people were killed, with over 40 people receiving injuries during the event.

According to Corgan’s video, the concert will be broadcast live on Youtube for free, with viewers being able to make charitable donations through the platform. In addition, Corgan said that “special guests” would appear along at the concert, including current Smashing Pumpkins drummer Jimmy Chamberlin and other members of the band, and that more details would be announced in the coming days.

“We really appreciate you guys joining us in this moment and helping us support those with unmet needs right now,” Mendel said in the video. The victims and families really need help.”

Watch Corrigan and Mendel’s full video below.



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