Best value Easter eggs that get you the most chocolate for your money

BUY several smaller Easter eggs instead of large ones to get the most chocolate for your money, a Sun investigation can reveal.

We've analysed the prices of the seasonal chocolate treats at Britain's biggest supermarkets to find out which are the cheapest per gram.

You'll pay just 71p per 100g of chocolate for the best value medium-sized eggs at Asda, Morrisons and Lidl.

We've also found the best value large and extra-large Easter eggs too if you prefer to give loved ones bigger treats.

But be warned as even the best value large eggs will cost you more per gram than the best value medium eggs.

That means you can get more chocolate for your money if you buy several smaller eggs than one or two large ones.

The cheapest egg per gram is a 141g Mars Medium Chocolate Easter Egg, which costs just 71p per 100g.

It costs £1 at Asda and £2 for two at Morrisons, where it's included in one of the supermarket's Easter offers.

Asda has more top value eggs of any British supermarket, according to our research.

Its £1 range of medium Easter eggs were cheaper per gram compared to other stores, including Aldi.

Some of them weigh more than others, so we compared sizes for you to find out which give you the most chocolate for your 100 pennies.

The 141g Mars egg and a 140g KitKat Chunky Medium Easter Egg were the heaviest for the same price.

Meanwhile, one of the best value Easter eggs can be found at Lidl: the 138g Cadbury Creme Egg Medium Easter Egg.

It's selling the branded medium Easter egg for just 99p, which works out at 71.7p per 100g – the cheapest price for this egg of any supermarket.

Our research found that all large Easter eggs cost more per 100g than the cheapest medium-sized eggs.

But there are some good deals around if you want a large treat to take home.

Asda has a range of large branded Easter eggs for £2.50.

The eggs vary in weight but if you pick up the heaviest – a Munchies or Rolo Large Easter Egg weighing 284g – then you'll only pay 88p per 100g of chocolate.

Lidl has the next best deal on large Easter eggs, as it's selling a 262g Galaxy Minstrels Large Chocolate Easter Egg for £2.49, which works out at 95p per 100g.

These eggs are a better deal than Morrisons' or Tesco's three large Easter eggs for £10 offers.

Tesco's deal is slightly better than Morrisons as it has a larger range of eggs which include weightier treats that give you more chocolate for the same price.

But even if you pick up three of the heaviest chocolate eggs included in Tesco's deal, it will still work out as £1.14 per 100g – and you have to pay more upfront.

When it comes to extra-large Easter eggs, Tesco has the best value deal.

It has slashed the price of 400g KitKat Senses eggs from £10 to £5, which means you only pay £1.25 per 100g of chocolate.

Asda has the next best offers on extra-large eggs.

It has a range of giant treats for £4 – but they vary in weight.

We've done the hard work for you to find the ones that contain more chocolate for your money.

The best value eggs we found were a 315g Quality Street Giant Easter Egg and a 314g Smarties Unicorn Giant Easter Egg.

You will pay £1.27 per 100g for both of these eggs.

But overall, you will get the best deal if you buy three 141g medium-sized Mars Easter eggs at either Asda or Morrisons.

It will give you more chocolate – 423g – than a 400g extra-large egg, and you will only pay £3 at Asda instead of £5 for a KitKat Senses giant egg at Tesco.

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