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FED UP of your colour-treated tresses looking lifeless and dull?

Don't panic, the best shampoo for coloured hair will restore shine, add strength and inject a dose of vitality.

This is SUPER.GOO applied to dry hair I love the shine you get from it but apply sparingly #hair #haircare #kevinmurphystyling #love #hairproducts #beach #beachhair

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Dyed hair often needs extra attention as it can be stripped of its natural oils.

So invest in products that will not only help extend the life of your colour, but also ensure it is vibrant, bright and glossy.

Blondes will want to banish brassiness and get that golden glow back; redheads should look to blue-based shampoos to counteract sharp copper tones; while brunettes need colour-reviving products that will ensure a rich shade and shine.

Regardless of colour, all dyed hair needs to protect against other aggressors like the sun, work to reduce breakage and brittle strands, and restore luminosity.

We've picked out the best shampoos for coloured hair below, so you can be reunited with lustrous, luscious locks again. Let it shine.

1. Best shampoo for coloured hair: Blondes

  • Provoke Liquid Blonde Colour Activating Treatment Shampoo, £4.99 from Superdrug – buy here

Get your golden glow back with this brassy-beating, colour-enhancing shampoo.

It gives your blonde, highlighted hair its depth and warmth back, helping to prolong the time between salon visits.

It tones, treats and revitalises coloured hair for a softer, stronger finish.

2. Best shampoo for coloured hair: Blondes

  • Kevin Murphy Blonde Angel, £23 from Cult Beauty – buy here

Banish brassiness and revive your hair tone for a refreshed, vibrant colour with this "angelic" shampoo.

Sunflower seed extract works to prevent colour fade and yellow tones, olive oil extract hydrates, restores and repairs (thank you, vitamins A and E), and lavender flower and Brazil nut extract moisturise and smooth strands.

No wonder it's a favourite with models and beauty buffs.

3. Best shampoo for coloured hair: Brunettes

  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Colour Protect Moisturising Shampoo 250ml, £5.99 from Feel Unique – buy here

Calling all brown-haired beauties. Keep those brunette locks brilliantly deep and shiny with this colour-protecting shampoo.

It preserves your lovely dark shades by rehydrating and replenishing dry strands.

So it leaves hair soft and smooth at an on-point price.

4. Best shampoo for coloured hair: Redheads

  • Matrix Total Results Brass Off Shampoo 1,000ml, £19.76 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Red(head) alert! This colour-saving shampoo will neutralise any brassy, orange tones you want to see the back of.

It gets rid of daily grime while infusing hair with blue-violet pigments that counteract copper and yellowness, making it great for redheads and brunettes who lighten their hair.

Nourishing essential oils and vitamins also work to reduce breakage, add strength and restore a mirror-like shine.

Another plus? It's a huge 1,000ml bottle so your hard earned pounds are going further.

5. Best shampoo for all coloured hair

  • Aveda Colour Conserve Shampoo, £20 from Look Fantastic – buy here

A gorgeous, all-natural shampoo that keeps your colour-treated hair vibrant and bright.

Lavender extracts and ylang ylang combine to create a no-fade formula that also protects your tresses from other aggressors like the sun.

You'll be left with a stronger mane that's got its shine back.

6. Best shampoo for all coloured hair

  • Paul Mitchell Colour Protect Shampoo 500ml, £2.95 from Look Fantastic – buy here

Looking to extend the life of your colour treatment? Call off the search.

This gentle-on-hair shampoo helps to maintain dyed tresses, keeping the colour vibrant and long-lasting.

Sunscreens and panthenol, meanwhile, work to protect hair against damaging environmental factors, too.

It also conditions lacklustre locks, adding strength, body, elasticity and a good dose of gloss.

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