Best pictures from the International Wedding Photographer of the Year Awards

Professional wedding photographs are often breathtaking; over the years we’ve seen stunning brides and grooms who had keen-eyed photographers that absolutely nailed the shots.

And the ones that are particularly great at their craft have been honoured at the International Wedding Photographer of the Year award.

As expected, the entries for the 2019 edition of the award, the third of its kind, are mesmerising.

But it’s the joy captured in a mixed culture wedding by Cat and Jeff of The Apartment Photography that took the crown (or cash prize).

The Canadian photographer couple shot Pia and Julian amid the crazy weather patterns – sunshine, rain and blustery winds – which added to the overall picture which wowed judges.

The runner up, Xenia Shabanova, from Estona also impressed, with his efforts with a drone which captured the couple in their hotel rooms, the night before their wedding.

As part of the award, there are 11 categories – best Black and White, Bridal Party, From Above, Epic Location, Dance Floor and more.

Each category saw a runner-up who won anywhere between $800-$1,00 and a grand winner who won a cash prize of $3,000 along with other awards (i.e Fuji camera, Epson printer) that bought up the total to $9,175 (£6,885).

Here are some of the best wedding photographs shot in 2019:

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