'Bel-Air' Season 1 Finale Recap and All the Songs Featured in Episode 10

The first season of the reimagined Fresh Prince of Bel-Air sitcom, shortened to Bel-Air, has ended after 10 episodes. During the series finale, a secret romance between Jazz and Hilary is revealed, and she later partners with a top influencer. Additionally, Vivian teams up with Reid to help other artists of color land opportunities with the art fellowship. Finally, an unexpected guest arrived at the mansion, nearly resulting in Will leaving the city for good. Here’s what happened during the Bel-Air Season 1 finale and all the songs included.

All the songs featured in ‘Bel-Air’ Season 1 finale

Robert Glasper – “Shine”
The song starts the episode and plays throughout some of the Governor’s Reception

Joyce Wrice & Kay Franklin – “Rocket Science”
The song that plays as Will talks to Lisa at Vivian’s reception

Opal – “Angelica Demons”
The song plays as Jazz and Hilary wakes up in her hotel bed together.

Bran Movay – “Mango Sweet”
The song that plays when Phil asks Carlton to race cars at the track

Navé Manjo – “Electric”
The song that plays when Vivian asks Reid about partnering

Aroomfullofmirrors – “Whoa”
The song that plays when Carlton sneaks into the office to find the file on Lou

Amber Mark – “Bubbles”
The song that plays at Ivy’s photoshoot that Hilary attends

Elujay – “Starchild”
The song plays as Lisa waits for Will at the coffee shop.

Meek Mill – “Dreams and Nightmares”
The song closes the episode

A playlist for the Bel-Air Season 1 tracklist.

Will’s father made an appearance during ‘Bel-Air’ Season 1 finale

The series finale for Bel-Air starts with the Banks family attending a Governor’s Reception honoring Aunt Vivian (Cassandra Freeman). Will (Jabari Banks) thanked Uncle Phil (Adrian Holmes) for giving him a second chance and later tried to talk to Lisa (Simone Joy Jones), where he revealed he’s fallen in love with her.

Not wanting to have the conversation there, Lisa promised to talk to him the next day before walking away. After the party, the Banks kids continued wondering what happened to Geoffrey (Jimmy Akingbola) and Will revealed the situation with his dad that caused a rift between their house manager and patriarch.

Following the conversation, Will’s estranged father, Lou, snuck onto the property and informed Phil that Geoffrey had let him know his son reached out for him. During their conversation, it’s revealed that Lou went to prison on assault charges and got out three years ago.

The Philadelphia native claimed that he stayed away as he didn’t want Will to see him behind bars or in his halfway house and promised he’s a changed person. Lou left the house, and Phil spoke to Vivian about the unexpected guest and wondered if they should allow Will to reconnect with him.

The meeting between Lou and Will in ‘Bel-Air’ Season 1 Episode 10 didn’t go over well

As they discussed their options, Carlton (Olly Sholotan) saw Lou and snuck into his dad’s office, searching for the report. He later gave it to Will, who immediately confronted his aunt and uncle. Sympathetic toward his father, who had a rough upbringing, the teenager pointed out that his dad didn’t abandon him as they suggested but got arrested.

After speaking with his mother, who reiterated why they kept Lou out of his life, Will decided to meet his dad. As the two spoke, the teenager’s heart softened when his father explained how seeing his dad in jail “changed” him.

They began reminiscing about sneaking into a basketball game when he was a child, leading Will to ask why he and his mother didn’t last. According to Lou, the Banks didn’t consider him an adequate provider for Vy (April Parker Jones). Additionally, he accused Will’s mom of encouraging him to hustle in the first place.

As Lou continued speaking negatively about Vy, the teenager got upset, nearly leading to a physical altercation until Phil broke it up. Following the fight, Will gets into an argument with his aunt and uncle, upset they lied to him. He disappeared for hours and met up with Jazz (Jordan L. Jones), who encouraged him to create the future he wanted.

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