Becoming One Of The Most Powerful Women In Fashion: 6 Ways Anna Wintour Achieved Success

Anna Wintour is one of the most highly respected and truly idolized leaders in the world of fashion. She has been an ever-present force in the industry with her 30-year reign as the editor in chief of Vogue Magazine and has been a trailblazer when it comes to blending a unique relationship between contemporary celebrity culture, fashion, and modeling. Her tenacity and keen fashion sense have led her to cultivate a career that has seen her dominate in all realms. Wintour has been the mastermind behind a series of leading fashion campaigns and has become a pillar of success that many other women in the industry idolize and aspire to achieve. Success Story reveals that her dedication to excelling in her career is fueled by true passion and has led Wintour to an astounding net worth of $50 million.

6 Sheer Determination

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Anna Wintour has done what no other person has ever been able to do – she has dominated in the world of fashion, from an office that is situated far from the lens. While many others have generated their success stories by flaunting their stuff on the runway, or in print ads, or even as being vocal social media influencers, Wintour has taken an entirely different approach altogether. She has been the creative mastermind that assembles the perfect production of fashion and modeling and put it to print in Vogue Magazine, bringing new concepts to life for millions of admirers around the world.

Sheer determination has led her to overcome obstacles that are felt by many women in the workforce, and Wintour has continued to push past sexism in the workforce to become one of the most highly respected, influential leaders in the industry.

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5 Not Being Afraid Of Pushing The Boundaries

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Wintour’s success went hand in hand with her tenacity. When everyone else was playing it safe, she opted for the path less traveled and took huge risks to catapult her career fashion-forward.

Cultura Colectiva reports that “she invented supermodels at a time when Hollywood wasn’t eager to be related to the fashion industry,” and went on to explain that Wintour made a bold move when she became “the first ever editor to put on the cover of the iconic magazine actors, singers, sportspeople, politicians, and even reality celebrities like the Kardashians.”

Interestingly, her bold approach to capturing the finest fashion moments led her to be fired from Harper’s Bazaar during the earlier days of her career, demonstrating that Vogue’s belief in her talents was the ultimate pay-off for both Wintour and the publication.

4 Embracing Her Passion

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One of the biggest contributing factors to Anna Wintour’s success is the fact that she truly embraces her passion and lets that energy fuel the direction of her path. She doesn’t just do her job for the paycheck; she excels at it as a direct result of her pure passion for everything fashion!

Wintour has the innate ability to recognize groundbreaking fashion trends and present them to the fashion culture in a unique manner. She lives and breathes her job, which is better described as being her paying passion.

3 Undercover Education

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Anna Wintour’s powerful influence on fashion culture is a direct result of the way she is able to pair aesthetic beauty with educational content. She has taken her editorial job at Vogue and cultivated it into a fashion learning opportunity for those that pour over her work with admiration.

Masterclass reports that she has“championed the work of young and emerging designers as a way to introduce readers of the magazine a new breed of stylish talents outside of the usual suspects.” By inserting her critical educational and informative components into a fashion spread, Wintour has engaged audiences of all ages and has deeply connected them to the inner workings of the world of fashion.

2 Decisive Leadership Skills

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Anna Wintour makes quick, affirmative decisions and trusts her gut. Allowing no room for overthinking or second-guessing, Wintour has powerfully climbed to the top of her career and now presides over the highly prestigious Met Gala. She is also a prominent figure in the front row of New York Fashion Week and is the artistic director of the massive Conde Nast media empire. She has led with passion and dedication and has been a visionary influence that has touched the lives of people of all ages and walks of life across the globe.

1 Laughing In The Face Of Criticism

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One of the most impressive and admirable traits that Wintour has led to the undisputed success that Anna Wintour has seen is her ability to laugh in the face of criticism. While so many famous faces fall victim to cancel culture and feed into online trolls and haters, Wintour admits to failing more than a few times and casually flips her hair back and walks away from any discussions about cancel culture and online trolls.

Refusing to be distracted by negative commentary and hate-based, or jealousy-fueled interactions, Wintour has pushed forward through adversity and troubled times by simply not allowing negative commentary and energy around herself. She keeps her focus laser-sharp and has managed to reign supreme for over 30 years without any drama dragging her down.

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