Bebe Rexha’s Grammys 2019 Dress Is A Fiery Red Dream With A Million Ruffles

It’s safe to say Bebe Rexha’s 2019 Grammy’s look is one of the most anticipated of the night, if not definitely the most. After Rexha got real on social media about designers not wanting to dress her because they felt she was just "too big," fans rallied in support of the singer and made it clear that they were not here for the mystery brands’ negativity, nor their unrealistic beauty standards. Needless to say, the topic of which designer would end up with the honor of dressing her has been the talk of the town, and now that the Grammys are here, the answer has been revealed, and OMG, she looks amazing.

IMHO, Bebe’s outfits are always on point, but there was a lot riding on this look after all the drama, so it’s no surprise she rose to the occasion and slayed. In fact, she decided to serve a little drama of her own, in the form of layers and layers of red ruffles. That’s right, she full-on channeled the red dress dancing emoji girl, and the result was everything we could’ve hoped for and more.

"I feel like a princess, I wanted to go for that vibe," said Rexha on the carpet:

I’m sorry, but as awful as it was that designers were rude to Rexha about her body (and it really was awful and not OK), it was almost a blessing in disguise, because it’s the reason she ended up wowing us in this red gown tonight, and she was truly born to wear it. And BTW, Rexha told Ryan Seacrest on the carpet that after she spoke out, she had all the major names offering to design for her, from Jeremy Scott to Karl Lagerfeld to Christian Siriano. When Seacrest asked if any of the designers who originally said no changed their tune after she vented on social media, Rexha says that some designers did in fact try to come back and right their wrongs, but that she would never spill the deets on who. A class act, people!

The gown she ended up in is by Monsoori, and it couldn’t be more right:

While the bottom of the dress was a poufy, princessy dream, the top was majorly sexy, and she accented the look with tons of diamonds and a short blonde ‘do with sideswept bangs. She paired glowy skin and pinky nude lips with a subtly smokey eye look for the perfect "stunning but sophisticated" glam. I really couldn’t love this look more if I tried.

Also, can we talk about these nails? I’m so, so into them:

Name someone who looks better in red, I’ll wait:

Honestly, Rexha was born to wear red, and I’m here to prove it:

Like, sorry to all the other colors of the rainbow, but Bebe only needs red:

Red ? Please ? Thank ? U ? Very ? Much ?

"I just want other girls to love their bodies," said Rexha on the red carpet in regards to why she chose to speak up about having trouble finding a designer. I love her for not being afraid to get real, and I love her Grammys gown even more. Three cheers for Bebe!

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