Beauty expert shares makeup mistake that can ‘age you’ by 15 years

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Eyes can appear brighter and wider with the right makeup products but using the wrong techniques can have the opposite effect on some complexions. Heavy, cakey application is one thing that can accentuate wrinkles and fine lines on mature skin, though according to makeup artist Ali Andreea, eyeliner is also one to watch out for. She explained that while it may be “controversial”, black liners can add “years” to your appearance.

In a recent video posted on her YouTube channel, the Paris-based beauty expert revealed the most common makeup mistakes made by people with older skin types.

Among her surprising revelations, Ali noted that black eyeliners can be too “severe” for mature complexions, adding that softer shades should be used instead.

She said: “This might be controversial, but I’m telling you if you’re using black around the eyes, that’s it. Plus five, 10, 15 years even.

“It not only ages you but it gives you a very severe look.”

To demonstrate her point about ageing makeup techniques, Ali applied the products in question on both sides of her face using different methods. On one side, she applied them incorrectly and on the other, professionally.

For the eyeliner, she used the Make Up For Ever Artist Pencil in shade Limitless Brown, taking it all the way across the lash line on her eyelid.

The makeup artist noted that the shape of your eyeliner matters a lot when applying it, especially if you like applying black on the lower lash line too.

After putting the product on one eye, the difference was clearly visible with Ali’s eye appearing much smaller and heavier than the one without any liner on.

She said: “This – I would never. I see people doing – and I see a lot of women, applying it because they think ‘I just want to enhance my eyes’. Not like this. No!

“If you have small eyes, and you apply this on the water line, I think it’s a pity for your beautiful eyes and beautiful face. I think no one looks good with this.”

Ali explained that instead if you want to “make your eyes pop”, you’ve got two ways.

She told viewers: “You’ve got mascara. Make sure that you apply it from the root. I think that changes women’s eyes the most.”

The beauty expert’s second tip was to use brown eyeliner in a taupe aside instead of black. She said: “Use other colours! Just not black.

“If you really want to use something that is darker, go towards a dark brown, a dark blue.”

When it comes to applying the product, Ali said that you should always apply it very close to the lash line.

For a winged look that extends outside of the natural crease of your eyelid, she recommended dotting it gently right at the end of your lashline on the outer corner before smudging it with your finger.

Next, apply a little bit more to make the line more defined. The makeup artist explained that no brush is necessary for a softer look to suit mature skin types.

While you can apply the pencil on the lower lashes too, Ali warned against doing it all the way across. She said to apply just a small amount on the outer edge of the lower lash line and smudge it with your fingertip.

To finish off the eyes, you can take the residue of a brightening product like conceal on a brush and swipe it next to the wing of the liner in an upwards motion. This will define the flick a little more.

Ali’s final tip was to apply some mascara to help the liner appear even softer and more blended. She added that matching your mascara colour to that of your liner will create a more seamless, softer finish.

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