Bear Grylls hails King Charles as 'a great adventurer'

King Charles is ‘an adventurer at heart’ and has been a ‘champion of the outdoors his entire life’, reveals Bear Grylls

  • Bear Grylls, 48, said Charles, 74, is a ‘great walker’ and champion of outdoors
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He’s made a name for himself as the ultimate survivalist, and Bear Grylls has said that he would have no problem taking King Charles on one of his wilderness adventures. 

The TV personality, 48, appeared on Good Morning Britain today, where he discussed the Monarch’s Big Help Out initiative, which invites Brits to take on volunteering work on May 8 as part of the Sovereign’s coronation celebrations around the UK. 

Grylls, who will be volunteering with the Scouts, praised King Charles’ support for charity work. 

The survivalist also hailed the Monarch as ‘an adventurer,’ and a ‘champion of the outdoors,’ praising his love of walks and hikes in the countryside. 

Grylls went on to call him an ‘inspiration’, adding he wouldn’t need to teach the King how to navigate the outdoors, because the Monarch is very experienced in the matter. 

Bear Grylls, 48, appeared on Good Morning Britain today, where he praised King Charles as an ‘adventurer’ 

Asked by Ed Balls, who was presenting the show with Kate Garraway, whether he’d be taking King Charles on one of his adventure, Grylls said the Monarch did not need his help to go enjoy the outdoors. 

‘He’s an adventurer at heart, he’s a great walker and he’s a great hiker,’ he said. 

‘It’s always a privilege in my work life to introduce amazing people to the outdoors, but he doesn’t need to be introduced to the outdoors.

‘He’s been a great champion of the outdoors his whole life,’ the presenter added. 

The TV personality, who received an OBE from the late Queen Elizabeth II in 2019 for services to young people, the media and charity, was gushing about the King on the programme.

The adventurer said the Monarch is ‘like his mother, they’re both great champions of young people.’

Grylls attended the late Queen’s funeral on September 19 in his role as Chief Scout  and praised the fact that King Charles wants to start his reign by putting an emphasis on charity work. 

‘It’s so great that the King wants a central part of his legacy to be volunteering,’ he added. 

Grylls, who will be volunteering with the Scouts, praised King Charles’ support for charity work, and hailed him as a great supporter of young people, just like his mother, pictured before her death in 2021

Grylls said the Monarch, pictured in 1997 with the Prince of Wales, left, and Prince Harry, is a great champion of the outdoors 

He also praised the Princess of Wales, whom he said has done a lot for the Scouts in her role as joint-president.

‘If you want something done, ask a busy person to do it,’ he joked.  

Grylls added he thinks the Big Help Out will offer a structure for Brits who want to do more volunteering, but don’t know where to start.  

The star added he is looking forward to volunteering with the Scouts on May 8th, and proudly announced that there are currently 500,000 active Scouts in the country, as well as 70,000 young people on a waiting list to join their local Scout organisations. 

The father-of-three, whose real name is Edward, was appointed the youngest chief scout at the age of 35.

A former SAS serviceman, he is best known for his survival TV shows, which have featured a number of famous faces including former US President Barack Obama and actor Channing Tatum.

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