Bathroom decor ideas: How to spruce up your bathroom – without paying a penny

No one likes a grubby bathroom. Who wants to sit on a broken toilet seat, or have a wash in an uninviting bath? Decorating your bathroom doesn’t have to be expensive. chatted to Elaine Penahul, director of Lemon and Lime Interiors, to find out how to revamp your bathroom without splashing the cash.

If anyone knows how to de-clutter, redecorate, and transform your home– it is Elaine Penahul.

Elaine is an expert when it comes to fixing up properties without having to completely renovate or refurbish the home.

There is no time like the present even if the nation is starting to unlock.

Read on to find out Elaine’s top tips on doing up your bathroom without spending any money.

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If your bathroom is looking lifeless, it probably needs another coat of paint.

You don’t have to stick to an all-over monochrome look, though.

Why not get creative and use the tools you’ve got at home to make something trendy and exciting.

Elaine recommended: “Use children’s stencils and any old paint to create a frieze around a wall.”

She added: “This works really well in bathrooms and is a great way to add some interest at a low cost.

“However, its best to use acrylic or water-resistant paints in damp areas to avoid quick wear and tear.”

Have a look on Pinterest and Instagram and see what catches your eye before you commit.

This may take you a few days of hard work and concentration, but the end result will be worth it.

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Repurpose objects

Everyone has clutter in their homes.

What about that plant pot you hate in the garden?

Could it look nice in the bathroom with a fresh lick of paint? You have to get creative when you are trying to save money.

Elaine said: “You can also repurpose a lot of things you already have in your home to create a brand-new aesthetic for your bathroom.”

She explained: “For example, dig up an interesting plant from the garden and repot it to add some greenery to the room.

“You can also repurpose old bread baskets or tins from the kitchen to add some organisation and give your toiletries a new home.

“Old wooden boxes, wine crates and pallets are also great for revamping your bathroom.

“Break them down to make shelves or cubby holes that look great next to the sink or on an empty wall– it’s not as difficult as you may think!”

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