Bartenders show ‘red flags’ drinkers should look out for when ordering drinks

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    A bartender has people feeling frustrated by showing the "red flags" to look out for when pouring drinks for customers.

    A video shared by PINS Social Club in Liverpool shows a worker demonstrating disgusting behaviour that could turn drinkers away.

    "Bartender red flags – glass to ice," she said while scooping the ice cubes into the glass without using any tools.

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    The bartender also showed off a way to pour alcohol into a shot glass, while offering drinks with "no beverage napkins" and in a hot pint glass would be absolute no-gos.

    In part two of the "red flags" series, they highlighted more issues, adding: "Leaning on the bar – time to lean, time to clean.

    "Ignoring guests, and hands around the rim of the glass, as well as sneaking the dregs of the cocktail and skimming a pint!"

    The videos went viral with more than 2.5 million views – and one viewer joked it's a guide to "burn down the bar".

    "If I get a pint with a hot glass, I ain't paying," another TikToker commented.

    One fellow pub worker wrote: "Putting a glass in the ice bin is soo stupid, you are asking for the glass to break!"

    "Oh my God the hands on the rim thing, thank you! A local bartender does that to me and it bugs me!" a customer shared.

    But some defended the "leaning on bar" comment as one employee said: "I don't get paid a server's wage to clean!"

    A second remarked: "If you wave at me at the bar, I will serve everyone else before I serve you and if you click at me, you will wait."

    A third added: "Drinking what was left from your cocktails is great, it's a reward!"


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